Agricultural Science Degree

Agriculture Bachelor’s Degree Program

BVU’s agricultural science program prepares students for successful careers in agriculture through concentrations in agronomy and animal science. By partnering with a variety of agriculture industry experts and associations in the Midwest, BVU agricultural science majors gain the expertise needed to meet the needs of global economies, cultivation, and the ecosystem we inhabit.

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Why should I earn an agricultural science degree?


Solve pressing problems by finding new ways to fuel the world. 


Increasingly, more agricultural positions require a formal education. 

Soft Skills

Improve your communication and problem-solving skills through classroom discussion. 

What Can I Do With an Agricultural Science Degree

  • Veterinary medicine
  • Plant breeding and genetics
  • Bioresources
  • Food science

    On Campus

    On Campus

    Storm Lake

    Why study agricultural science at BVU?

    Unique Opportunities

    Thanks to a $2.7 million-dollar endowment from the Stine Family Foundation, science students at BVU have access to cutting-edge research equipment and travel opportunities. Students have gone to the jungles of Peru, the mountains of Nepal, and the African veldt of Tanzania to learn skills that set them apart in the job market. 

    Valuable Connections

    Here at BVU, our faculty has strong connections to the agricultural community. From a tour of the John Deere headquarters to a trip to Mexico, BVU professors are always looking for ways to give their students new opportunities to grow in the industry. 

    Learn more about our Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Resource Management. 

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    Join a Welcoming Community.
    Share Remarkable Experiences.


    Wren stands in the waters of Storm Lake feeling very much at home more than 1,300 miles from her native Willcox, Arizona. She tests turbulence and records amounts of soil and debris in the 3,500-acre body of water that borders the BVU campus. This exercise in her introduction to environmental science class affirms her decision to study environmental science, a component of BVU’s Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Resource Management.

    My family has a cattle-ranching background that goes back generations in Arizona. There are parts of Arizona that are scarce when it comes to water. I worry about replenishing our aquifers and having water for ranchers, orchards, and vineyards around Willcox.

    Agricultural Science Courses and Tracks

    Builds relevant career skills and foundational knowledge while focusing your degree on an in-demand area of concentration:

    Agronomy  and  Animal Science

    • Major in Agricultural Science (50-54 Credit Hours)


      Core Courses

      • AGSC 100 Introduction to Agriculture
      • AGSC 215 Agriculture and the Environment
      • AGSC 490 Agricultural Capstone
      • AGSC 495 Agricultural Internship/Field Experience
      • BIOL 163 Biological Principles I
      • BIOL 164 Biological Principles II
      • CHEM 151 General Chemistry I
      • CHEM 152 General Chemistry II
      • MATH 140 Elementary Applied Statistics

      Option 1: Animal Science

      • AGSC 200 Survey of the Animal Industry
      • AGSC 300 Farm Animal Physiology and Anatomy
      • AGSC 310 Animal Nutrition
      • AGSC 330 Genetic Improvement of Domestic Animals
      • AGSC 340 Survey of Food and Meat Industries
      • AGSC 420 Meat Animal Production and Feeding

      Option 2: Agronomy

      • AGSC 201 Survey of Crop Science
      • AGSC 305 Introduction to Soil Science
      • AGSC 320 Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
      • AGSC 350 Genetic Improvements of Domestic Crops
      • AGSC 360 American Crop Physiology
      • AGSC 410 Systems Management in Crop Production

      Recommended Electives

      • PHYS 201 General Physics I: Trigonometry-Based or PHYS 211 General Physics II: Calculus-Based
      • BUSN 100 Contemporary Business and Free Enterprise
      • CHEM 261 Organic Chemistry I

      Students are required to attain a total of 3 credits in Internship/field experience to graduate.

    Scholarships & Financial Aid

    We’ll help you figure out your options for financial assistance and possible scholarships.

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    Agricultural Science Faculty

    Our instructors are committed to helping you build the future of Iowa and beyond.

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    Transfer Your Credits

    Do you have previously earned credits or an associate degree? BVU accepts most — if not all — of your credits so you don’t have to retake courses.

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    Earn a Master’s Degree Faster with Our Accelerated Program

    With BVU's Plus One program, you can earn your education, special education, or organizational leadership master's within one year of graduating with your bachelor’s degree. 

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