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Bachelor’s Degrees in Agriculture: Agronomy and Animal Science

BVU’s agricultural science program prepares students for successful careers in agriculture through concentrations in agronomy and animal science. The program is firmly grounded in science, providing a solid understanding of how and why living organisms function as they do. With a degree in agricultural science, you are ready for success in research, production management, or graduate school.

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Prepare for a career in agricultural industries with an industry-oriented, science-based education. With small class sizes, you will learn by doing from expert professors invested in your success.

The agricultural science program offers two areas of emphasis: agronomy and animal science.



A solid exploration of how plant growth is managed to achieve production outcomes. Go in depth on crop growth, nutritional management, pest management, environmental challenges, research and development, and field operations.

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Animal Science

Study the key management areas of raising animals for human uses. Learn the scientific principles behind livestock genetics, nutrition, reproductive health, and behavior. Explore the processes behind meat production.

Focus exclusively in one of these areas, or combine coursework from both to meet your career and knowledge development needs.

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Why study Agricultural Science at BVU?

Ag Experiment Station

An undergraduate-focused facility, located close to campus with practical research. A functioning production unit with multiple enterprises to build connections between theory and the real world.

Research Opportunities

Participate with faculty in research projects, or gain access to funding for your own. Up to $2,000 is available per student per semester to conduct original research projects under a professor's guidance.

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Our extensive network of connections within the agriculture industry means we can often assist students in securing unique and high quality internships.

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Proven Value

Over 96 percent of BVU graduates are employed or in grad school within six months of graduation. Many students are actively recruited and have employment lined up before they graduate!

Practical Emphasis

Industry visits: Students visited the John Deere Combine production facility in Moline, Ill., to see how combines are built and to discuss production and financial management.

Expert connections: With a campus minutes from the agriculture industry, our faculty actively engage industry experts to bring an added layer of real-world context to the class topics within their courses. These interactions are not limited to just local experts, but extends worldwide.

Travel opportunities: generous funding can assist with travel experiences from exploring the rain forest region of South America on your own, to exploring a ranch at the foot of the Andes mountains in Argentina.

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BVU's Ag Programs Make an Ideal Fit

Maggie's formative years were spent raising cattle. She’s now excited to dive even more deeply into the trade at BVU, learning all she can about the science behind breeding, growth, and production. One-on-one attention from expert professors appealed to her as she considered college choices.

Having the Ag Experiment Station gives us the chance to get hands-on experience for what we’re learning about in class. At BVU, you get more than a lecture.

Maggie's Story

Agricultural Science Courses

  • Major in Agricultural Science (50 credit hours)
  • Major in Agricultural Science: Agronomy Track (50 credit hours)
  • Major in Agricultural Science: Animal Science Track (50 credit hours)
  • Major in Agricultural Science: Pre-Veterinary Medicine Track (50 credit hours)
  • Minor in Agricultural Science (18 credit hours)

Agricultural Science Faculty

Rich Crow
Rich Crow
Director of Agriculture
Meet the Professor
Dr. Geoffrey Ecker
Dr. Geoffrey Ecker
Assistant Professor of Agronomy
Meet the Professor

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