Gender Studies Minor

Psychology & Social Science Bachelor’s Degree Program

The gender studies minor seeks to enable students to develop an understanding of women and other marginalized groups by considering perspectives of the past, present, and future. The gender studies program at BVU uses an interdisciplinary approach to explore how traditionally oppressed groups have contributed to knowledge, history, and culture.

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On Campus

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Why study gender studies at BVU?

An Interdisciplinary Approach

BVU’s gender studies minor is truly interdisciplinary. The program is composed of courses from various disciplines across campus, including psychology, art, digital media, literature, biology, and history. Students also design their own capstone experiences based on their interests and major, which can take the form of a research study, a creative work, or a community engagement project.

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Why should I earn a gender studies minor?


Study the perspective of marginalized people so you can grow as a person and become an asset to any company or organization who serves people with diverse viewpoints. 

Be Open

College is the chance to explore new ideas and grow as a person. This minor will help you to do both and to go further in whatever career path you take. 

Join the Cause

With gender equality and gender issues at the forefront of global news and political progress, you will gain the knowledge to contribute to important current discussions.

What Can I Do With a Gender Studies Minor

  • Social worker
  • Lawyer
  • Counselor
  • Manager
  • Teacher

Gender Studies Courses

  • Minor in Gender Studies (19 Credit Hours)

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