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With the explosion of electronic devices and digital content, the demand for music and video is bigger than ever. Buena Vista University's music production degree will help you develop the skills to thrive. Music production and technology students create audio and video and work with live musicians in many different settings, including live concerts, recording studios, and major concert venues. Help make the music happen!

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Why study music production and technology at BVU?

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Hands-On Experience

Create audio and video while working with live musicians in the recording studio, live concerts, and more. Hone the skills for your music production degree at BVU’s radio and video studios.

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Unparalleled Access

You’ll have access to more at BVU than any of the other music production schools in Iowa! Get a key to the recording studio. Work on class and individual projects to build your body of work. 

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Skills and Expertise

Learn from expert faculty with experience in audio production and the recording industry. You’ll also work alongside BVU’s production engineers on real events and performances!

In Demand

Music production is needed in nearly every creative industry—artists and performers will rely on your expertise. Skills from a music production degree can take you anywhere.

Create the Perfect Sound

State-of-the-Art Facilities

While you pursue your music production degree, you will learn on professional-grade gear and equipment. You are not only allowed to have access—you will be expected to use it!

Studios: BVU recording studio equipment includes Mac computers, various recording/mixing/mastering software such as the latest versions of AVID Pro Tools, Sibelius, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Steinberg Wavelab Pro, Propellerhead Reason, Waves plugins, Cubase Pro, and much more.

Instruments: Access a wide array of musical instruments such as bass guitars, a piano, and a complete drum set.

Microphones: Record with BVU’s large collection of professional microphones including Shure, AKG, Cascade, and Neumann.

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Opportunities and Careers

What can I do with a music production degree?

Gain career skills in an essential area of the music industry. A music production degree from BVU gives you the skills to succeed in many different roles.

  • Recording engineer
  • Record/music producer
  • Live sound engineer
  • Sound mixer
  • Recording studio manager or engineer

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Job Saunders

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Beaver “Shreds” With His First Album

Job Saunders, class of 2020, came to BVU to learn all he could about music production. In his final semester, he reaped the full benefits of the program and saw the fruits of his won labor. Job, who plays more than 21 instruments, produced his first album, a solo act called “Shredder.” The music production major played, recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced everything heard in the album’s 11 tracks—all of which were recorded in Lage Communications Center on campus. 

Music Production and Technology Major Tracks and Courses

Our program stands out among music production schools in Iowa by offering two unique concentration tracks to suit your interests:

Business | Scoring for Digital Media

  • Music Production and Technology Major - Business Track (41-48 Credit Hours)
  • Music Production and Technology Major - Scoring for Digital Media Track (42-49 Credit Hours)
  • Music Production and Technology Minor (24 Credit Hours)
  • Music Performance Minor (18 Credit Hours)

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Music Production and Technology Faculty

Our instructors are committed to helping you build the future of Iowa and beyond.

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