BVU Mobile Apps

BVU has two mobile apps available: the Buena Vista University app and Navigate Student. Both are available in the App Store and Google Play.

The Buena Vista University app contains information and resources for faculty/staff, students, families/guests, and alumni. Navigate Student allows students to communicate and collaborate with their advisors.

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Resources and Information

Buena Vista University App

The Buena Vista University app serves as one convenient location for our students, faculty and staff, families and guests, and alumni to access information and resources. It serves as another way to stay connected with BVU!

This app includes the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker, required for BVU students, faculty, and staff.

A smartphone with the BVU app loaded
  • Using the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker

Advising for Students

Navigate Student

Navigate Student, an app created by BVU and EAB, allows students to easily communicate and collaborate with faculty advisors. The app helps students schedule appointments with their advisors and provide crucial reminders and alerts to keep them on track. 

Navigate App
  • Navigate Features and Installation


    Your to-dos, reminders, appointments, and class schedule are automatically generated and added to Navigate student. Also, coming soon we'll be adding the ability to schedule appointments with your advisor - right from the app!

    Study Buddies

    Navigate Student app takes all the effort out of finding the perfect study buddy. Just tap the Study Buddies icon in the explore section of your home page to find other students in your classes who are also interested in studying together

    Navigate Student Installation Instructions

    1. After installing the app, launch Navigate Student and choose "Select school or Institution."

    2. Start typing "Buena Vista Uni..." The search field should autocomplete. Select "Buena Vista University."

    3. Sign in with your BVU organizational credentials. If you have trouble signing or need password help, contact, or 712.749.2349