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What’s your thing? At BVU, there’s room to build in any area you choose. Athletics, activism, intramurals, leadership, service, spirituality, or anything in between—you’ll find a home base here. With so many opportunities to plug in, it will be easy to make college some of the best years of your life. Start here and go further than you ever imagined. 

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No matter what activities you choose, getting involved at BVU will foster a sense of pride and success. Giving your time, your skills, and yourself can be just as rewarding as academic success. These are valuable experiences that enhance what you learn in the classroom, and ones you will cherish for a lifetime. 

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Activities Abound

It is almost impossible to be bored on campus. Our Student Activities Board provides hours of free fun and entertainment on campus every week.

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Education for Service

It's more than our motto—every day we live the spirit of Education for Service. Beavers are a force for good and contribute tens of thousands of service hours every year!

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Remarkable Community

No matter your interest, you'll find a community of others who share your passion! With your fellow Beavers by your side, you will be unstoppable.

Student Organizations & Clubs

Student organizations and clubs thrive at BVU. Three out of every four students are involved in at least one. That’s not too surprising when you look at the dozens of organizations available, ranging from the Beaver Animal Rescue & Care, Multicultural Engagement Leadership Team, Ag Club, Criminal Justice Club, Anime and Gaming Society, Rodeo, Robotics Club, and more. If you’re interested in something that’s not yet a club, create it!

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Sports and Recreation

Stay active, meet lifelong friends, and explore new skills. BVU offers an incredible array of athletic and recreation activities for all students on campus. Join one of our 20+ athletic teams. Borrow a canoe or paddle boat from our Outdoor Recreation House. Compete in dozens of intramural sports all year long. Go on trips with your fellow students—camping, fishing, skiing, and more.

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Community Engagement and Service

There’s a mission of service that runs through everything we do at BVU. We connect and engage with our community to make a difference! One of our most beloved campus traditions is Buenafication Day. Classes are not scheduled, and students go out into the community and volunteer.

And that's just the beginning! BVU is also home to an AmeriCorps State program, Spring Break service trips, and a student organization dedicated entirely to service!

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