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Personal Authorization Number (PAN)

The University carefully protects your educational records.  As you request information from those records, we will ask for your PAN (Personal Authorization Number) along with other information to confirm your identity before we will release that information.  Keep your PAN secure.  Use this PAN request to have your number emailed to your BVU e-mail address.

If you wish to grant others (such as a parent, spouse or scholarship donor) access to your educational records, you must include them on an Authorization and Consent to Release Education Records form; we will only be able to discuss your personal information with others based on how you have completed that form.  If you chose not to complete it, we will not be able to disclose anything from your records with anyone other than you.  You may share your PAN with a parent or a spouse; however, understand that knowing your PAN will not be enough to provide access to others.

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Degree Verification

Buena Vista University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree verifications. Go to 

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