Mission and Vision

These are the principles and values that guide what we do.


Our Mission

We prepare students for lifelong success through transformational academic, professional and co-curricular programs.

Our Vision

To be a nationally recognized leader in rural higher education known for its remarkable student learning and outcomes. We will be an institutional destination–ambitious in our efforts to distinctively and boldly inspire students to serve, empower, and transform communities through Education for Service.


We are committed to student and employee success. We work in ways that support their growth, development, goals and readiness to thrive in society.

Transformational Experiences

We create experiences for our students that open their eyes to a new sense of self and the surrounding world.

Meaningful Connections

We value the close-knit nature of our community. We support each other in the achievement of our individual and collective goals.


We seek opportunities to inspire one another to excel. We are supported by our past and our traditions that lead us to build an even better future.

Stewardship & Sustainability

We manage resources and set priorities to secure the finest learning environment, opportunities and sustainable world for our students today and tomorrow.

Respect & Inclusiveness

We foster an appreciation for all persons by providing an open and inclusive environment where all are treated with respect.