Building Beyond Expectations

Strategic Vision

The Buena Vista University campus community has joined together to build a strategic plan, outlining a vision that reaffirms our worth and dynamic ability to embrace change and impact lives. The effort was led by a team of BVU leaders with input from our faculty and staff. The plan leads the University into a new era of claiming our identity as a premier higher education institution in the region.

Victory Arch and Schaller Memorial Chapel, two campus landmarks

Theme One

Building Outcomes


BVU is one of the few private institutions in the region that is not only growing but thriving. We continue to seek ways to expand opportunities to further our students’ successes during their time with us.

Theme Two

Building Community

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Long known for our outstanding facilities and technology, BVU will invest further in providing every student with access to the most effective technology for learning, the finest faculty and staff, and living and learning environments that support community growth.

Theme Three

Building Connections

With our continued growth, BVU remains focused on prioritizing our connections with prospective and current students, alumni, and benefactors. Without such recruitment, retention, and fundraising efforts, we would not be able to provide the quality resources our students deserve.

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