Past Presidents

Buena Vista University has been led by some amazing, innovative presidents since our founding in 1891. Past presidents have steered the college (and then university) through campus building projects, fire reconstruction, large renovations, academic development, community engagement, technological advances, and pioneering new academic institutes.

Historical BVU Image
Loyal Y. Hays1891-1892
John M. Linn1892-1894
Willis Marshall1895-1897
Harvey Hostetler1897-1900
Elmer E. Reed1900-1906
Robert L. Campbell1906-1908
Edward L. Campbell1910-1911
James P. Linn1911-1913
Robert D. Echlin1913-1917
Stanton Olinger1917-1920
Arthur M. Boyd1920-1923
Evert L. Jones1924-1931
Henry Olson1931-1953
John A. Fisher1954-1960
Wendell Q. Halverson1961-1973
Keith G. Briscoe1974-1995
Frederick V. Moore1995-2017
Joshua D. Merchant2017-2020

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