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Criminology and Criminal Justice Degree

Psychology and Social Sciences Bachelor's Degree Program

The criminology and criminal justice major and minor prepare students for any field within the criminal justice system. Studying criminal events, the correctional system, and those involved with criminal offenses including victims, perpetrators, and law enforcement officials, helps criminology and criminal justice students make the world a better place after graduation.

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Why should I earn a criminology and criminal justice degree?

Serve Your Community

Take an active role to promote safety and peace where you live. Use your power for good.

A New Era

With the national spotlight on criminal justice reform in recent years, professionals within this field face an exciting new era of improvement. Be a part of the change. 

Growth Opportunities

With a variety of career options and avenues, the criminology and criminal justice degree will prepare you for any path you take within the field.

What Can I Do With a Criminology/Criminal Justice Degree

  • Policing/Law Enforcement
  • Probation & Parole
  • Correctional Officer
  • Social Services

On Campus

On Campus

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Why earn a criminology and criminal justice degree at BVU?

Be In Demand

Earn a degree that gets results. In 2018, 100 percent of BVU criminology and criminal justice graduates were either employed or in graduate school within 6 months of graduation.

Prepare for Police Work

Gain a deeper understanding of the “whys” behind criminal behavior with a degree that puts you ahead above in the police academy. You’ll learn how officers make good decisions and be prepared for this important role in society.

Center for Criminal Justice Studies

The new CCJS immerses students in more than 800 pre-programmed computer-generated scenarios, allowing you to learn through real-world situations. Evaluate a crime scene and practice thinking critically in difficult, high-stress situations.

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Summer School in Prague

You have the opportunity to attend Prague Summer School on Crime, Law, and Psychology–an international conference bringing global students together. Discuss issues such as prevention and education in light of international perspectives.

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Join a Welcoming Community.
Share Remarkable Experiences.


Beth landed the internship of a lifetime with the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigations. In this internship, Beth got to ride along for drug buys, experience a deposition, and use a task force simulator. Through this hands-on internship and class with Dr. Richard Riner, who has ten years of law enforcement experience, Beth feels prepared to react to difficult circumstances she might face in the work field.

Online & On Site

OnlineOn Site

Learn Completely Online

Earn your criminology and criminal justice degree at your convenience with our easy-to-access, fully online curriculum. With one click, you can view assignments and grades, set up appointments with specialized tutors around the clock, access the student lounge, engage in group discussions, or contact professors. Get the BVU experience on your schedule, wherever you are.

Learn at a BVU Site

You can earn your criminology and criminal justice degree without leaving your community. BVU partners with Iowa community colleges throughout the state so you can take classes in person with expert faculty in a supportive environment.

Transfer to BVU

BVU has transfer agreements with Iowa’s community colleges, helping you get the most out of your hard-earned credits.

Contact an academic advisor at 712.749.1000 to see how your credits will transfer.

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Criminology and Criminal Justice Courses

  • Major in Criminology and Criminal Justice: Criminology Track (46 Credit Hours)
  • Major in Criminology and Criminal Justice: Criminal Justice Track (45 Credit Hours)
  • Minor in Criminology and Criminal Justice (21 Credit Hours)

Financial Aid & Scholarships

We’ll help you figure out your options for financial assistance and possible scholarships.

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Criminology and Criminal Justice Faculty

Our instructors are committed to helping you build the future of Iowa and beyond.

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Transfer Your Credits

Do you have previously earned credits or an associate degree? BVU accepts most — if not all — of your credits so you don’t have to retake courses.

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Earn a Master’s Degree Faster with Our Accelerated Program

With BVU's Plus One program, you can earn your education, special education, or organizational leadership master's within one year of graduating with your bachelor’s degree. 

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