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Criminology and Criminal Justice Degree

Psychology and Social Sciences Bachelor's Degree Program

The criminology and criminal justice major and minor prepare students for any field within the criminal justice system. Studying criminal events, the correctional system, and those involved with criminal offenses including victims, perpetrators, and law enforcement officials, helps criminology and criminal justice students make the world a better place after graduation.

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Why study criminology and criminal justice at BVU?

Gain a deeper understanding of the “whys” behind criminal behavior with a criminology and criminal justice degree that puts you a head above in the police academy.

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Serve Your Community

At BVU, criminology and criminal justice students learn how officers make good decisions and can prepare for this important role in society through internships with local police departments and other organizations. 

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A New Era

With the national spotlight on criminal justice reform in recent years, professionals within the criminology and criminal justice field face an exciting new era of improvement. Be a part of the change.  

Growth Opportunities

With a variety of career options and avenues, the criminology and criminal justice degree will prepare you for any path you take within the field.

What Can I Do With a Criminology and Criminal Justice Degree?

  • Policing/Law Enforcement
  • Probation & Parole
  • Correctional Officer
  • Social Services

On Campus

On Campus

Center for Criminal Justice Studies

The new Center for Criminal Justice Studies immerses students in more than 800 pre-programmed computer-generated scenarios, allowing criminology and criminal justice students to learn through real-world situations. Evaluate a crime scene and practice thinking critically in difficult, high-stress situations.

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Beth Sibenaller


Class of 2019

Beth's experience at BVU, which combined academics and athletics, prepared her for a career as a Trooper with the Iowa State Patrol. As a student, Beth majored in criminology and criminal justice while staying active on the Beavers women’s basketball team and participating in Espirit de Corps (BVU’s student admissions team), the Spanish Honor Society, and the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence organization. The experiences here taught her responsibility and organization while balancing multiple commitments.

Dr. Richard Riner in the Center for Criminal Justice Studies previously worked in law enforcement and his experience helped me prepare. Professor Riner was very realistic in his approach, showing us challenges we would face.

Online & Hybrid


Learn Completely Online

Earn your criminology and criminal justice degree at your convenience with our easy-to-access, fully online curriculum. With one click, you can view assignments and grades, set up appointments with specialized tutors around the clock, access the student lounge, engage in group discussions, or contact professors. Get the BVU experience on your schedule, wherever you are.

Hybrid Learning

You can earn your criminology and criminal justice degree without leaving your community. Hybrid courses combine the benefit of live ​video instruction with the convenience of online learning. In addition to a weekly class, hybrid students complete their coursework online and receive personalized advisement from local BVU site staff.

Criminology and Criminal Justice Courses

Choose from two tracks within the criminology and criminal justice program.

Criminology track

Study the nature, extent, and cause of criminal events like offender motivation, situation/context of crime, and crime victimization. Criminology also involves the measurement of crime; crime typologies; and theory construction and analysis. This track designed for students who wish to pursue advanced degrees in the social sciences, law school, and other professional programs. 

Criminal justice track

Study law enforcement, judicial, and correctional systems that are directly involved in the apprehension, prosecution, defense, sentencing, incarceration, and supervision of those suspected of, charged with, or convicted of criminal offenses. The criminal justice track is designed to prepare students for various positions in the criminal justice system. 

  • Major in Criminology and Criminal Justice: Criminology Track (46 Credit Hours)
  • Major in Criminology and Criminal Justice: Criminal Justice Track (45 Credit Hours)
  • Minor in Criminology and Criminal Justice (21 Credit Hours)

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Criminology and Criminal Justice Faculty

Our instructors are committed to helping you build the future of Iowa and beyond.

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Transfer Your Credits

Do you have previously earned credits or an associate degree? BVU accepts most — if not all — of your credits so you don’t have to retake courses.

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Student investigates a simulated crime scene