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The online Master of Education – Teacher Leadership, Curriculum, and Instruction program provides four tracks designed for working teachers seeking to advance their career in the classroom. Because classes are available online for added convenience, now is the perfect time to complete your master's in teaching.

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Why Should I Earn a Master’s Degree in Teacher Leadership, Curriculum, and Instruction?

Our online Master of Education program can equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to take the next step in academia, in Iowa and beyond, with four emphasis choices:
   •  Effective teaching and instructional leadership
   •  Talented and gifted education
   •  Teaching English as a second language
   •  Teacher technology integrationist (with Discovery Education)

BVU is a leader both in the number of education students who complete programs each year and in the success of our alumni. Our alumni are making a difference in classrooms across the state and the world.

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Top Affordable Online Education Graduate Courses

According to OnlineU, BVU’s teacher leadership, curriculum, and instruction program is one of the most affordable online education master’s in the nation! That means, in two years—and for less than $8,600—you can earn your master’s in education and advance your career.


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Why study education at BVU?

Made for Working Teachers

The master’s in teacher leadership, curriculum, and instruction is designed to be completed in less than two years alongside your current teaching career. With dynamic online courses, you will have the flexibility you need to invest in your students as you invest in yourself.

Learn Completely Online

Earn your degree at your convenience with our easy-to-access, fully online curriculum. With one click, you can view assignments and grades, set up appointments with specialized tutors around the clock, access the student lounge, engage in group discussions, or contact professors. Get the BVU experience on your schedule, wherever you are. 

The classes are challenging, but not to the level of daunting. What I like is that, so far, all of my coursework has been actionable, almost immediately in my classroom. It’s very relevant, and the research I’m doing enhances my teaching and definitely offers me different perspectives and approaches.

Kelly Connerton

Tracks, Courses, & Application Requirements

Focus your graduate studies on an area of concentration tailored to your career goals:

Effective Teaching and Instructional Leadership | Teaching English as a Second Language

Talented and Gifted | Teacher Technology Integrationist | Educational Studies

  • Program Tracks and Courses
  • Application Requirements
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I never anticipated this program would have such a profound impact on my personal and professional growth, yet here I am—completely transformed. The knowledge, skills, and experience I gained during my Master of Education in Teacher Leadership and Technology Integration program have enabled me to make significant and exciting changes in my career. Since beginning the program, I transitioned from a homeroom teacher to the role of Innovation Learning Coordinator at my school. I founded an education consulting company that empowers teachers to create future-ready learning experiences for students and have had the privilege of offering professional development on tech integration and innovation to schools and teachers around the world. I am excited to continue applying what I've learned at BVU, pushing the boundaries of education and inspiring teachers worldwide to create, educate, and innovate for the future!

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Emphasis in Teacher Technology Integration

Buena Vista University has partnered with Discovery Education to provide a convenient and affordable master's program for working teachers interested in becoming leaders in technology integration within their schools. Learn how this convenient and affordable approach might be the best option for you!

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BVU does not require students to take the GRE for admission — saving you time and money. 

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