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Political science majors are, by nature, curious and ambitious people who seek an understanding of public problems and potential solutions. At BVU, we support your career goals with world-class internships, travel, and engaging discussions. On your very first day in the political science major, faculty get to know you and partner with you in a search for more enlightened perspectives on a world full of challenges and opportunities through the lens of a political science degree. 

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Why should I earn a political science degree?

Cross Borders

Political science majors are at the forefront of global issues. Look forward to a career that gives you a window on the world. 

Lead the Future

Gain skills and knowledge that allow you to stand up and be heard for the good of those you lead. 

Gain Purpose

Make your values the fuel for your life. You can find your path with this ambitious degree that builds your sense of social and personal responsibility.

What I Can Do With a Political Science Degree

  • Campaign coordinator
  • Prosecuting attorney (with further education or 3+3 track)
  • Policy analyst and program manager

On Campus

On Campus

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Why study political science at BVU?


Prepare for law school at one of the only institutions in the country to have a dedicated legal studies track. Through our partnerships with both the University of Iowa College of Law and Creighton University School of Law, you can earn your law degree in just six years! 

Accelerated MPA

Earn your bachelor’s in public administration from BVU and in just one additional year you can earn your master’s in public administration from Drake’s College of Business and Public Administration.  

Mock Trial

Experience what a civil or criminal legal trial is like through the American Mock Trial Association competitions. You’ll develop critical thinking skills, hone your public speaking, and gain knowledge on legal practices and procedures. 


Join a Welcoming Community.
Share Remarkable Experiences.


Iran is learning how to investigate complex political issues and consider alternative solutions to societal problems in her political science courses. Her expanding knowledge base and critical thinking skills have equipped her to understand and help people from diverse backgrounds. One way she applies her skills is by helping immigrants prepare for the U.S. citizenship test and complete documentation essential to the naturalization process. Iran is eager to continue helping people after graduation.

Political Science Major Tracks and Courses

Choose a path in political science that lives up to your aspirations, with a concentration track focused on your goals.

Politics and Policy | Legal Studies | Public Administration | Teaching Licensure 5-12

Double concentrations are also possible. Talk to your advisor to learn more.

  • Political Science Major, Politics and Policy Track (40 Credit Hours)
  • Political Science Major, Legal Studies Track (40 Credit Hours)
  • Political Science Major, Public Administration Track (37 Credit Hours)
  • Political Science Minor (24 Credit Hours)

Financial Aid & Scholarships

We’ll help you figure out your options for financial assistance and possible scholarships.

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Political Science Faculty

Our instructors are committed to helping you build the future of Iowa and beyond.

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Transfer Your Credits

Do you have previously earned credits or an associate degree? BVU accepts most — if not all — of your credits so you don’t have to retake courses

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Earn a Master’s Degree Faster with Our Accelerated Program

With BVU's Plus One program, you can earn your  teaching English as a second language or organizational leadership master's within one year of graduating with your bachelor’s degree. 

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