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Already a Beaver? If a master’s degree is in your future, BVU has unique programs that can save you time and money. Plus One programs are accelerated graduate degrees that allow you to earn both your bachelor’s and master’s degree in as little as five years. Build your future—faster.

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Organizational Leadership +1

Gain the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively lead people in an ever-changing work environment.

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Teaching English as a Second Language +1

Enhance your skills as a practicing educator in working with linguistically diverse students in grades K-12. The TESL specialization is part of BVU’s Master of Education — Teacher Leadership, Curriculum, and Instruction program. 

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Rachel Mouw will obtain her master's in TLCI from BVU through the BAC+1 program.

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Rachel Mouw sought the opportunity to grow her skills through BVU's BAC+1 program with a focus in teaching English as a second language. Her goal through her education is to effectively communicate with English language learners and their families.

I always knew I’d want to get a master’s degree, but I didn’t know a master’s in teaching English as a second language was a possibility. My advisor asked me if I wanted to get a master’s and she showed me that I could take several classes as an undergraduate that would also count toward my master’s degree in this field.

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Earning a master’s degree can be intimidating, but it’s possible thanks to BVU’s supportive professors. It makes you much more marketable, and because the program only takes one additional year to complete, it doesn’t take you away from other job opportunities for two or more years like many other master’s programs do.

Jasmine Demers, ’19, M.A. Organizational Leadership +1
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