Dr. Geoffrey Ecker

  • Assistant Professor of Agronomy

B.A. Goucher College, M.A.; Ph.D.,University of Connecticut

Dr. Ecker earned his Ph.D. in Plant Science from the University of Connecticut. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Political Science from Goucher College. His previous research focused on the ecological risk assessment of transgenic switchgrass. As part of this work he was able characterize the population genetics of coastal switchgrass ecotypes and conducted aerobiological studies which modeled the distance viable transgenic pollen could travel.

His current research focuses on the assessment of products designed to improve the efficacy of fertilizers. He currently serves as the Research Scientist for the NutrientStar Program. This program seeks to increase the quantity of publicly available data on the performance of nutrient management tools (e.g. fertilizer stabilizers and software models). This work utilizes field trials conducted across the Midwest, including one at the BVU Ag experiment Station. BVU students are able to participate directly in the management and analysis of production scale field trials.


Crop Science, Crop Physiology, Genetics, Genetic Improvements of Domestic Crops, Botany, Introduction to Agricultural Science, Principles of Biology

Dr. Geoffrey Ecker