Art Education

The art education major provides a solid base in the areas of studio art and education. A degree in art education qualifies you to apply for a state license to teach art in grades K-12.


Major in art education and you’ll become knowledgeable with the aesthetic experience through a variety of hands-on practices gained in the classroom. Through the creation of artwork in various forms of media, students will expand on their ability to invent and experiment. The art education major provides preparation for teaching in the areas of ceramics, painting, sculpture, graphic design, printmaking, theory, art history, exhibition, and portfolio work.

Students who graduate with this major can pursue careers in K-12 art education.


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Studio and Gallery Facilities

A Place to Practice and Teach

Join a dynamic creative learning community with intimate sized studio classes, an active studio environment, and a focused outcomes-based curriculum. The faculty are practicing artists that regularly model and communicate the compelling demands and rewards of creative study. Students emerge from the program as well-rounded, successful individuals who are prepared to teach others to be true artists.


Pass on the Passion

The Education and Connections to Succeed

While still investing in your own artistic journey, it’s important to learn the best ways to translate your knowledge and pass on techniques through lessons. As an art education major, students dive into our new studio and gallery spaces and begin new experiences right away in their first year of study. By the last semester at BVU, students are fully prepared to student teach in K-12 classrooms. They may even complete a 3-week internship in an art classroom during J-term, or have another field experience under their belt to practice what they’ve learned in core education courses. After graduation, BVU students teach in a variety of grade levels and locations, including rural and urban settings across the country.


  •  Storm Lake K-12
  •  Sioux Central High School
  •  Alta-Aurelia Community Schools


  •  Manson Northwest Webster, art teacher
  •  Wichita State University, Art/tech teacher
  •  Storm Lake High School, Visual arts teacher

Dedicated Career Help

Interest discovery, application assistance, internship/job connections and more.

Major in Art Education with Teaching Licensure (42 Credit Hours)
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Mr. David Boelter
Professor of Art
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Dr. Callè Friesen
Associate Professor of Education, Literacy and Early Childhood Education
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Mary Mello-Nee
Ms. Mary Mello-Nee
Professor of Art
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Dr. Daniel Strohmyer
Director & Asst. Professor M.Ed. Program
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Dr. Karin Strohmyer
Associate Professor of Education, Special Education
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