This interdisciplinary major involves coursework in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics to prepare students for careers in the natural and physical sciences as well as health professions. The biochemistry major at BVU has a 100 percent placement rate into graduate and professional programs.


Scientific Advantage

Biochemistry is at the interface between the life and physical sciences, and students who can grasp both areas and understand how they interrelate are at a distinct advantage over students who focus on studying one area. For example, understanding cardiovascular disorders and how to treat them medically requires knowledge of anatomy, physiology, molecular biology, chemistry, and physics. 

Students who graduate with this major can pursue careers in:

  • Pharmacy
  • Biomedical research
  • Forensics
  • Pharmaceutical research and sales
  • Medicine and other health professions like optometry, dentistry, and radiology
  • Biotechnology research
  • Agribusiness


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Our Facilities

What Sets us Apart

BVU’s research facilities are outstanding. Our students generate 3D images of cells using a confocal microscope, measure RNA levels and gene expression using real-time polymerase chain reaction technology, and can work with tumor cells to do experiments at Mayo Clinic. The 70,000 square-foot Estelle Siebens Science Center contains 18 labs and three research areas, including:

  •  Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscope (NMR)
  •  Gas chromatography-mass spectrometer (GC-MS)
  •  Confocal Microscope
  •  Spectrophotometers
  •  Gene guns
  •  Human Cadaver Lab
  •  Sterile hoods
  •  Labs full-equipped to study DNA and RNA
  •  Thermal cyclers
  •  Optics Lab
  •  UV and chemiluminescent imaging equipment
  •  Greenhouse with three environmental growth chambers
In Demand

Biochemistry students study complex processes and understand them from all angles, which makes them highly desirable graduates. The program has a 100% placement rate into professional schools.

Make It Happen

The Rural Health Fellowship for pharmacy and URMED Fellowship for medicine are unique to BVU and provide students with stipends to defray the costs of taking placement exams and applying to professional school.


Students frequently carry out research projects in collaboration with scientists at The Mayo Clinic, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Taiwan University, and The University of Nebraska Lincoln.


All students are required to complete a multi-semester research project, which is valuable in helping BVU students stand out from students at other colleges when applying for admission to graduate and professional programs.


  •  Mayo Clinic. Laboratory
  •  Chinese Academy of Sciences
  •  Montana State University National Science Foundation Research


  •  University of Iowa
  •  Immunology research at the Mayo Clinic
  •  King’s College in London, England


A survey found that 100 percent of Biochemistry majors from the Class of 2018 were either employed or enrolled in graduate or professional school within six months of graduation.

Major in Biochemistry (63 Credit Hours)
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Dr. Thomas Bonagura
Associate Professor of Biology
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Dr. Melanie Hauser
Associate Professor of Chemistry
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Dr. Lisa Mellmann
Associate Professor of Chemistry
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Dr. Shawn Stone
Professor of Physics and Computer Science
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