Whether it’s performing onstage or working behind the scenes, the Buena Vista Theatre has opportunities for both theatre majors and theatre enthusiasts.

Students dressed in middle ages clothing dance onstage

Theatre is a complex art form, providing its artists and patrons opportunities...

  • to communicate about the human experience,
  • to engage in dialogue about people, places, and times different from our own,
  • to develop creative ways to solve problems,
  • to utilize knowledge of many areas of life and learning,
  • to understand why and how theatre works.

The Buena Vista University Theatre is committed to work that achieves these goals and meets a high standard for excellence.


Major and Minor

Theatre and Media Performance

Theatre and Media Performance students become proficient problem-solvers by learning all aspects of theatre, including acting and directing, design and technical theatre, and theatre management - all while exploring specific vocational goals.

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Student Work and Organizations

Buena Vista University supports students in the production and presentation of scenes and short and full-length plays through play readings, performance showcases, and mainstage productions. Student organizations allow students to further create and explore.

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"Teaching at BVU is endlessly gratifying! With a spirit of 'yes' and a willingness to explore, examine and experiment, the students, faculty and staff keep me excited for each new experience."

Dr. Bethany Larson, Professor of Theatre

"Potential. I enjoy working with students at BVU to develop new skills they didn’t know they had. It's great to be part of helping students find their hidden potential."

David Walker, Assistant Professor of Theatre

Theatre Facilities

Anderson Auditorium

Anderson Auditorium, where most campus theatre productions are staged, seats 350.

Schaller Memorial Chapel

The largest auditorium on campus, Schaller Memorial Chapel seats 800. In addition to weekly chapel services, the stage is used for visiting theatrical performances, performing artists and speakers.

Forum Workshop

The backstage shop at Anderson Auditorium has a 30-foot by 30-foot work area for set and prop construction.