Christopher Phalen

  • Director of Choral Activities

Christopher Phalen has served as Director of Choral Activities at BVU since 2021. In addition to leading choirs at BVU, he serves as head of the voice division, giving private and class vocal instruction to both music majors and non-majors. His teaching and scholarship center on innovative choral pedagogy, particularly in the area of music literacy and group vocal health.

Mr. Phalen’s choral literature interests focus on music of the Baroque Era and also that of modern composers. Phalen has conducted ensembles of all ages, including over five years of experience at the collegiate level—conducting glee clubs, chamber choirs, mixed chorales, and other choral ensembles, and over a decade of experience as a private studio teacher. He has organized music festivals, served as the music director for musical theatre productions, as well as been a sought after adjudicator, clinician, and guest conductor at schools and for contests across the country.

An avid traveler, Phalen has led choral ensembles on both domestic and international performance tours including to NYC, the Southeastern United States, the Midwest, Ireland, Wales, England, and France. Phalen is excited about continuing a tradition of travel with the BVU choral ensembles. Phalen brings not only all of this knowledge and experience, but also a contagious energy and deep passion for vocal music to BVU.


Concert Choir, Vista Singers, Class Voice, Applied Voice Lessons, Music Appreciation, Methods of Preforming Arts

Christopher Phalen