Dr. Dixee Bartholomew-Feis

  • Dean, School of Liberal Arts
  • Professor of History

B.A., West Virginia University, M.A. College of William and Mary, Ph.D. The Ohio State University

Dr. Bartholomew-Feis is author of The OSS and Ho Chi Minh: Unexpected Allies in the War against Japan(University Press of Kansas, 2006) and of “Vo Nguyen Giap” in The Encyclopedia of Military Science (Sage Publications, 2013). Her research interests include modern Vietnamese history and World War II and the Holocaust.  She is currently working on a biography of Holocaust survivor, Phil Gans. In addition, her duties on campus include directing the University’s Study Abroad Program.


World Civilizations I and II, Asian Civilizations, the Vietnam Wars, the Holocaust, the Modern Middle East, Modern Japan, Modern China