Dr. Bryan Kampbell

  • Associate Professor of Communication Studies

B.A., University of Nebraska-Kearney
M.A., Ohio State University
Ph.D., Duquesne University

Dr. Kampbell studies rhetoric, public culture, and religious Communication. His dissertation, The Story in the Soil: Toward an Agrarian Rhetoric of Property, argues that a wide distribution of small private property holdings contributes to a healthy climate of public discourse by promoting practical wisdom and protecting freedom of speech. Kampbell is also interested in how theological assumptions inform the study and practice of communication.  He is active in Religious Communication Association and the Iowa Communication Association. 


Dr. Kampbell was honored with the Iowa Communication Association's Outstanding New Teacher Award 2013. At BVU he teaches Fundamentals of Communication, Communication Perspectives, Public Speaking, Group & Team Communication, Argumentation, Intercultural Communication, and Civic Communication.