March to the Arch

Senior Send-Off

Our Buena Vista University seniors are spending their final months unlike any other class before them: fully online. Seniors, even though your world is changing, we want you to know how special each and every one of you are to our BVU family. We’re dedicating this page to you and your journeys to the arch!

Students walking on grass, with an arch behind them

Savoring His Rich BVU Stay

Michael Martin

Like many college students, Michael was apprehensive, fearful, as COVID-19 struck the U.S. Not only was he weary of the virus itself, he wondered how it might adversely affect his education.

Not only was he able to join his peers and professors in navigating his final BVU semester through a mix of Zoom, Canvas, and other user-friendly platforms, he was able to work remotely at Koloni, a tech start-up he joined when his senior year began.

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Kaleb Kibret

“One of my BVU highlights involves my participation in the URMED internship... I had the opportunity to serve both the Buena Vista Regional Medical Center and Loring Hospital in Sac City.”
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Shelby Hermansen

“I’ve always liked the atmosphere at BVU and, especially, how close the professors are... They’ve always offered total support in whatever I’ve done.”
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Destiny Einerwold

“Students in our program come to BVU to become professionals, leaders in their fields; people who can change lives for 40 years and more after they graduate.”
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Jacob Simonsen

“It’s a renaissance combination as you get some creativity with writing in history and then develop analytical thinking in the sciences.” Read more »

Katelyn Baltes

“People often say how you know that a campus feels right the minute you step foot on it. That’s the way it worked for me with BVU. I knew immediately.” Read more »

Brandon Huberty

“During my time at BVU, I’ve enjoyed working with the teams. You build up a rapport with athletes.”
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Kaitlyn Werner

“I love my BVU professors; they’re so down-to-earth and will do anything for their students. I’ll miss them and the friends I’ve made at BVU.” Read more »

Colton Mills

“BVU gave me a family I didn’t see coming. It gave me some of my best friends for life.” Read more »

Marissa Promes

“It’s a super friendly environment at BVU. It was easy to meet people. And I really liked the education program.” Read more »

Jack Fordyce

“I’m very grateful for all my experiences at BVU. The computer science program will really challenge you.”
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Noah Schmitt

“I miss being on campus. Every year, you could see that as the weather got warmer the whole attitude on campus would change. We’d play sand volleyball, go fishing, or go bowling.” Read more »

Jolee Linden

“At some point, I’m not sure when, I’ll get with my friends and we’ll walk through the arch again, just as we planned.”
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Ross Fitzgerald

“Going to BVU has been a great experience. I’ve had someone in my corner every step of the way at BVU.”
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Lincoln Rock

“Not many schools provide you with resources to play a sport, dabble in the arts, and graduate with a double major while completing several internships; all of it in three years.” Read more »

London VanHorbeck

“I was excited to do something that can affect the community immediately and could really impact our world in a positive way.”
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Parker Truesdell

“My suitemates and teammates are in a group chat. We’re already thinking about the next time we can get together on campus.”
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Alexis Keller

“I knew I could get all the accounting classes and credentials I’d need and get them in four years. BVU felt like home.” Read more »

Allison Carlon

“I chose Buena Vista because the class sizes were appealing to me. I also met the professors in the School of Business and made a connection right away.” Read more »

Tyler Brunner

“When we have our Commencement, whenever we fight this virus off, it may be one of the most memorable events ever on the BVU campus.” Read more »

Maya Rowe

“Buenafication Day is my favorite BVU tradition... we all come from different places; it’s good to focus on the community there while doing work on Buenafication Day.” Read more »

Andrew Hoffman

“Never in a million years when I came to college would I have thought I’d graduate and want more class. But my professors really made this experience for me.” Read more »

Isabel Haas

“I want to spend time in places impacted by social injustice and poverty, and work to bring awareness and justice to those places, whether they’re in the U.S. or someplace around the world.” Read more »

Bazyl Horsey

“Dr. Backman really pushed us. As my advisor, he made me do projects I never thought I’d be able to complete. I’m learning now to appreciate how hard he pushed us.”
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Tonia Henning

“The Science building was one of the best things about BVU—the opportunity to take care of various animals and be in charge of their maintenance.” Read more »

Micah Barnes

“I chose BVU because of its strong School of Science and the fact I’d be able to play basketball... I was really proud to have the BVU imprint on my rodeo vest.” Read more »

Andrew Boell

“I wanted to be a coach and learn all I could about the program... At BVU, I found out how nice the players were; I was treated like a member of the team.” Read more »

Becca Peters

“I’ll also miss students, staff, and faculty that have become like family to me. I’ll miss seeing them every day and being part of the support system at BVU.” Read more »

Noah Bardwell

“I could explore many interests at BVU... I would say that my professors have been fantastic in the transition to online this semester.”
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Brittany Boeset

“The experience at the elementary school level in Storm Lake pushed me out of my comfort zone... It showed me what I can accomplish.” Read more »

Joe Rock

“I loved the experiences and relationships I had at BVU. Everything I had at BVU, from baseball to ministry to academics, it was all so positive.” Read more »

Jessica Albright

“I absolutely loved my time at BVU. I know I loved it because I was so sad when it was over... We’re a tight group on campus, especially the seniors.” Read more »

Michael Martin

“I wanted an atmosphere found at BVU... not only involved with learning and bettering yourself, but one where you’re surrounded by passionate people.” Read more »

Abbie Tillman

“After graduate school, I plan to become licensed and hope to start an alternative art therapy center for children.”
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