BVU Payment Plan

The BVU Plan is a service to help students and parents avoid paying a full semester's tuition in sum. Buena Vista University allows parents and students to meet their college investment from current income by providing regularly scheduled monthly payments. The cost of the service is $30 per semester.

How the plan works

The BVU Plan allows 6 monthly payments per semester from July to December and January to June. Payment is due by the 20th of each month.

How to enroll

Enrollment will be available on BeaverNet under Billing by the start of July and January.

No interest charges

The BVU Plan is not a loan program. There are no interest or finance charges unless your payments are past due. The plan allows you to "pay as you go," avoiding the need to borrow, withdraw from savings or use other assets to finance your share of the cost for a BVU education.

Late payments

Interest (1.25% monthly) will be charged if monthly payments are not up-to-date.


All inquiries and correspondence about the BVU Plan should be addressed to:

Buena Vista University
BVU Plan/Business Office
610 West Fourth Street
Storm Lake, Iowa 50588