Institute for Agriculture, Food and Resource Management

Buena Vista University is located in the heart of the nation’s agricultural community. That's why the Institute for Agriculture, Food and Resource Management is home to a number of agricultural business and science programs, giving you front line access to a field essential to Iowa and to the Midwest.


By looking at agriculture through either a business or science lens, BVU creates opportunities for students in the agriculture-rich region to build upon their foundational knowledge, find a rewarding career in agriculture and related industries, and build our existing hard-working communities. 

The agricultural business programs include courses in accounting, agriculture, marketing, finance, human resources, management, planning, and other managerial responsibilities. Students may pursue careers in agricultural accounting, economics, lending, policy analytics, and production; farm managing; financing; grain and livestock buying; quality controlling; and more. 

The agricultural science programs include courses in agriculture, agronomy, ethanol/bio-diesel production, pre-vet, and seed/genetics. Students may pursue careers in bioresources, food science, landscape managing, plant and soil science, plant breeding and genetics, and veterinary medicine. The opportunities are limitless.

“I am excited about the agricultural business and science programs because they are going to be designed with the specific intent of arming BVU students with the academic and professional skills necessary to adapt and be successful in a rapidly changing and highly technological work environment.”

Dr. Brian Lenzmeier

Internship Interest

BVU has recently received an overwhelming number of partnership possibilities from industry experts from across the state.

Location Perfection

Located in the heart of the nation’s agricultural community, BVU is home to a number of frontline access opportunities essential to Iowa and the Midwest.

Practicality Applied

Programs focus on the general planning, economics, and use of facilities, natural resources, equipment, labor, and capital to produce products.

Domestic and International

Students will apply economics and science to the analysis of resource allocation, productivity, investment, and trends in agricultural sectors.


The Deere Strategy

A visit to the John Deere world headquarters served as an unmatched opportunity for business students

It has an internationally-recognizable green and yellow color combination, facilities in more than 30 countries, and a history of opening the Midwest to wide-scale productive agriculture.  John Deere is as committed to those linked to the land as BVU professors are committed to providing hands-on, value-added student learning. Last year, 35 BVU business students and three professors earned themselves a temporary seat in the Deere executive headquarters’ board room. Affordable opportunities like this are common and limitless at BVU!


Stine Endowment

BVU’s School of Science Stine Endowment

Whether students come to BVU to learn about plant science, or with goals of making a difference in underdeveloped countries, many begin their journey with an interest in one area of agriculture science or another.

While some know exactly what their post-college aspirations are, and some simply feel at home in chemistry classes or a research field, the exclusive possibilities bridging their present and future are endless thanks to a $2.7 million endowment from Harry Stine and the Stine Family Foundation.

For science students at BVU, cutting edge campus research, transformational internships, and academic travel to the jungles of Peru, mountains of Nepal, and the African veldt of Tanzania are more accessible than ever before.


Boundless Opportunity

There's high demand for graduates with a degree in agricultural programs! A study by the USDA states there will be an average of more than 57,000 annual job openings in the areas of food, agriculture, renewable resources, and the environment. Of those, approximately 46 percent will be in management and business positions.


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