Institute for Agriculture, Food and Resource Management

Buena Vista University is located in the heart of the nation’s agricultural community. That's why the Institute for Agriculture, Food and Resource Management will be home to a number of agricultural business and science programs, giving you front line access to a field essential to Iowa and to the Midwest.


Whether you intend to help manage the family farming operation or choose to enter the agriculture industry in marketing, production, lending, or other related areas, we aim to offer cutting-edge programs that will equip you with the skills needed to address some of the world’s most pressing agricultural challenges.

“I am excited about the agricultural business and science programs because they are going to be designed with the specific intent of arming BVU students with the academic and professional skills necessary to adapt and be successful in a rapidly changing and highly technological work environment.”

Dr. Brian Lenzmeier

Boundless Opportunity

There's high demand for graduates with a degree in agricultural programs! A study by the USDA states there will be an average of more than 57,000 annual job openings in the areas of food, agriculture, renewable resources, and the environment. Of those, approximately 46 percent will be in management and business positions.

“We believe the Institute will serve as a pathway for students to study and work in a field that’s so integral to the Midwest and to our state. It is an opportunity to be reflective of our region’s needs and to deepen and build mutually beneficial partnerships with the agricultural community.”

Joshua D. Merchant, BVU President

Meet Matthu Meiners

Director of the Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Resource Management

Meiners works closely with industry leaders and BVU faculty to maintain and develop new ways to build business, science, and interdisciplinary academic and co-curricular programs within the Institute. The BVU alum has a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in public policy from Liberty University. Meiners previously served as a legislative assistant/agriculture policy advisor on Capitol Hill. He gained extensive experience in the agriculture sector; prepared legislative work for U.S. House of Representatives Agriculture Committee hearings and markups; conducted research and wrote legislation letters pertaining to agriculture, conservation, energy, education, and more.


An Immersive Experience

With BVU's unique, advanced take on agriculture programs, students will receive:

  • Academic and professional trips, excursions, and company tours.
  • Experiential internships, training, and impressive job opportunities.
  • Skills necessary to succeed in highly technological agriculture workplaces.

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