Post Baccalaureate Certification Program

Program Description

The Buena Vista University (BVU) Post Baccalaureate Certification Program for teacher education is specifically designed for those who have a bachelor’s degree and coursework in a subject area that satisfies one of the State’s secondary teaching endorsements. The program was created in response to the state’s need for secondary teachers in shortage areas and honors the effort given to the candidate’s bachelor’s degree and associated experience.

The program operates within the University’s current programming structure and is designed to move the candidate efficiently and effectively through core areas of pedagogy before they enter the classroom. More specifically, the program is available in the following secondary field(s) contingent upon the availability of student teaching placements in that particular field:

  • Requirements must be met for one of these individual or broad fields: Art, Basic Science, Business All, English/Language Arts, Language Arts All, Foreign language – Spanish, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, All Science, All Social Sciences, Special Education.


  • Requirements must be met for two (or more) of the limited fields (listed below) or combine a limited field with an individual or broad field (please refer to individual and broad fields listed above). The following fields are considered limited fields because of limited opportunities for practicum, student teaching and job placement: American History, Biological Science, Chemistry, Health, World History.

This program has been approved by the Iowa Department of Education.

The following coursework and assigned Key Assignments for each course must be completed.


The Education Core

The Education Core is the nucleus of the BVU Post Baccalaureate Certification Teacher Education Program and includes the following courses:

EDCO 250Educational Psychology/Human Development and Field Experience3 CR
EDCO 280 History of American Education3 CR
EDCO 291 Human Relations Field Experience1 CR
EDCO 390Instructional Technology3 CR
ESSI 101Introduction to Exceptional Learners3 CR
 ESSI 303Methods of Teaching Differentiated Curriculum and Field Experience3 CR
 Education Core Total16 CR

This program has been developed by and is specific to Buena Vista University. It is approved by the Iowa Department of Education; however, it is not the Iowa Teacher Intern Preparation Program. Therefore, it is not listed on the Board of Educational Examiners web site.


Methods Courses for the Post Baccalaureate Certification (PBC) Program

All PBC students are required to complete the following coursework:

SEDU 310

Curriculum Design I: Standards, Assessment & Instruction for Engaged Learning

3 CR
SEDU 365

 Reading in Content Areas

3 CR


In addition, PBC students will complete a methods course and field experience specific to the content area:

SEDU 401Methods of Teaching Secondary Art and Field Experience3 CR
SEDU 402Methods of Teaching Secondary Business and Field Experience3 CR
SEDU 411Methods of Teaching Secondary English/Language Arts and Field Experience3 CR
SEDU 413Methods of Teaching K-12 Foreign Language and Field Experience3 CR
SEDU 421Methods of Teaching Secondary Mathematics and Field Experience3 CR
SEDU 431Methods of Teaching Secondary Physical Education and Field Experience3 CR
PHED 308Methods of Elementary and Secondary Health1 CR
SEDU 441Methods of Teaching Secondary Social Studies and Field Experience 3 CR
SEDU 442Methods of Teaching Vocal Music3 CR
SEDU 443Methods of Teaching Instrumental Music3 CR
EDUC 403Methods of Teaching General Music3 CR
SEDU 485Methods of Teaching Agriculture Education and Field Experience3 CR
SEDU 432Methods of Teaching Secondary Science3 CR


Minimum Coursework

Students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of coursework through Buena Vista University before student teaching.  This requirement is for any who have completed some of the education core prior to admission to this program.  Nine of the 12 credit hours must be at the 300 level.


Student Teaching

TEAC 4XXPBC Student Teaching (16 weeks)12 CR

Total hours for the BVU Post Baccalaureate Certification Program:    37 CR
(These hours are the totals for coursework taken at BVU for this program.)


Students interested in completing the BVU Post Baccalaureate Certification Program are to follow the steps outlined below:

Step One:Check Eligibility. The following must be met:
  • Bachelor’s degree and 30 credit hours in the desired area of licensure which meets the Iowa Department of Education content requirements for certification per secondary field.  If the candidate does not have 30 credit hours in the desired area of licensure, the candidate must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours in the licensure area prior to beginning the program.  The program is available in secondary fields contingent upon the availability of student teaching placements in that particular field.
  • Seek certification only.
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.5.
  • Grade Point Average of 2.5 in desired teaching field. (If one is eligible in more than one field, a single field must be selected for initial licensure in this program.)
Step Two:Submit Transcript(s) to:



Buena Vista University
Attention: Admissions
610 West Fourth Street
Storm Lake, Iowa 50588


Transcripts will be reviewed for the following:

  • The bachelor’s degree meets the Iowa Department of Education content requirements for certification in the secondary field.
  • The coursework dated 10 years old or older is relevant and current.
Step Three:

After Steps One and Two have been cleared, the candidate must complete the admission process for Buena Vista University and begin coursework.

In addition to completion of coursework for licensure, Post Baccalaureate students must complete Teacher Education Program Checkpoints.  Additional information regarding Checkpoints can be found here.

Students who take coursework in anticipation of admission to this program do so at their own risk. Post Baccalaureate Certification licensure students may be eligible for financial aid. Students interested in financial aid should contact the Financial Aid office.

Step Four:

Iowa licensure information and application processes are shared with students during their student teaching seminars.



Post Baccalaureate Certification Program Checkpoints

Starting August 2016, students within the Post Baccalaureate Program will follow the same checkpoints as outlined within the Teacher Education Program.  These four checkpoint outline progressively the program requirements and serve as a guideline for students as they move toward licensure.  More information can be found here.

If you have further questions about participating in this program, contact the BVU site in your area or Angela Hunter, Director of Teacher Education Programs, Email -, Phone - 712.749.1997.