Key Assignments-Overview

The teacher education program at Buena Vista University is a performance-based preparation program designed to facilitate the personal and professional growth of aspiring teachers and to prepare pre-service teachers to enter the teaching profession.  As a part of the performance-based model, students will complete Key Assignments that demonstrate their understanding of essential teaching competencies derived from nationally recognized standards - Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) Model Core Teaching Standards, state standards and program/institutional frameworks. 

Getting Started

Students will be introduced to the TEP conceptual framework early in their program.  This framework structures students' overarching learning around five learning goals called The Pillars.  Each learning goal is taught and evidenced considering multiple learning objectives.  These objectives are assessed through Key Assignments.  The Key Assignments will be a continual and ongoing process throughout the student’s practitioner preparation program. Key Assignments are pieces of evidence that illustrate the knowledge, performance and dispositions that have been acquired throughout the course of the student’s preparation program.  Each School of Education core course, methods course and field experience is designed to address one or more of the competency areas, though not all courses include a Key Assignment.   All Key Assignments will be uploaded to Canvas, a learning management system.


It is the responsibility of the student to maintain Key Assignments within Canvas.   A Canvas account is provided to all Buena Vista University students.  Students are required to submit Key Assignments within Canvas to pass through checkpoints throughout the student’s teacher preparation program.

Key Assignment Assessment

All Key Assignments are demonstrative of a student’s grasp of the competencies within the Pillars, InTASC principles, and Reflective Practitioner skills. Instruction and assistance with uploading assignments to Canvas will be provided. Students are required to upload Key Assignments for these courses to their Canvas account. In addition, successful completion and uploading to Canvas of Key Assignments is required for Teacher Education Program Checkpoints.  Rubrics will serve as the guide for Key Assignment completion.  As the student moves through the program, the professor of the course or an appointed committee will evaluate the Key Assignment within Canvas. Failure to submit a Key Assignment to Canvas may result in failure of the course and an inability to complete the Teacher Education Program Checkpoints.   If the Key Assignment is not satisfied at the appointed time in the program, the student will be given one semester/two terms in which to complete the requirement and resubmit the assignment to the instructor in Canvas.  The student may resubmit the Key Assignment to demonstrate satisfaction of the competency no more than three times. In order to continue in the program and be recommended for teacher certification, the student must demonstrate a minimum rating of “2” (Satisfactory) on each element of the evaluation rubric for each Key Assignment.  The second and third re-submissions will also be reviewed by another BVU faculty/staff member.  If the Key Assignment does not receive a “2” (Satisfactory) after the final resubmission, the student cannot pass the checkpoint and cannot continue in the Teacher Education program.  Students who do not comply with the identified timeline or do not meet satisfactory ratings after the final resubmission may be asked to retake the course.


     - This overview provides a listing of all courses that contain a Key Assignment and the alignment of the Key Assignments to School of Education Pillars and InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards.