The George Wythe Award

Buena Vista University's highest honor for excellence in teaching.

A statue of George Wythe

The George Wythe Award is Buena Vista University's highest honor for excellence in teaching. The award was endowed in 1988 through a gift from the late Drs. Paul and Vivian (Class of 1959) McCorkle, who were both Life Trustees of BVU. It is named for George Wythe, the educator who taught such famous fathers of the American Revolution as Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, James Monroe and Henry Clay.

The George Wythe Award includes a $30,000 cash award and a sabbatical for the recipient to pursue professional development and/or research.

Wythe Award Discussion

The George Wythe Award wouldn't be possible without the generosity of the late Drs. Paul and Vivian McCorkle. See archival footage of Paul McCorkle speaking with Buena Vista College faculty about the purpose and uses of the award.

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Past George Wythe laureates

1987Dr. Gerald Poff, professor of biology
1989Dr. Richard Lampe, professor of biology
1990Dr. Paul Russell, professor of business and economics
1991Dr. Marilyn Wikstrom, professor of education
1992Dr. John Madsen, associate professor of corporate communication
1993Dr. Bruce Ellingson, professor of media studies
1994Dr. Michael Whitlatch, professor of speech and drama
1995Dr. Wayne Higley, professor of accounting
1996Dr. Kenneth Schweller, professor of computer science and psychology
1997Dr. F. Kline Capps, professor of education
1998Dr. Joseph Traylor, professor of computer science and physics
1999Dennis Dykema, professor of art
2000Dr. Dixee Bartholomew-Feis, professor of history
2001Dr. Stanley Bochtler, professor of education
2002Dr. Elizabeth Lamoureux, professor of communication studies
2003Dr. Peter Steinfeld, professor of philosophy and religion
2004Ben Donath, associate professor of mathematics
2005Timothy McDaniel, assistant professor of mathematics 
2006Dr. Annamaria Formichella Elsden, associate professor of English 
2007Dr. William Feis, professor of history
2008Dr. Stan Ullerich, professor of economics
2009Dr. Brian Lenzmeier, associate professor of biology
2010Dr. Melinda Coogan, assistant professor of biology
2011Dr. Wind Goodfriend, associate professor of experimental psychology
2012Dr. Swasti Bhattacharyya, associate professor of philosophy and religion
2013Jerry Johnson, assistant professor of digital media
2014Jamii Claiborne, associate professor of digital media
2015Dr. Jason Shepherd, assistant professor of computer science
2016Beth Blankers, associate professor of accounting
2017Dr. Steven Mills, assistant professor of Spanish
2018Dr. Andrea Frantz, professor of digital media
2019Dr. Nathan Backman, associate professor of computer science
2020Dr. Shawn Stone, professor of physics and computer science