Education for Service Award

The Education for Service award is given annually to a staff member for their outstanding service to the University. The individual must be an excellent service role model for all employees at BVU. The award was established in 1997 by John & Connie Klockentager. John was the former Vice President for Enrollment & University Communications for 12 years from 1985-97. The award is presented at the annual Employee Recognition Celebration.

BVU's Victory Arch.


The Education for Service award winner embodies the following:


  • Helpful, friendly, caring person, and strong role model for students, staff, and faculty
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Shows significant improvements in the quality of service, work, or a process
  • Goes above and beyond with service and assistance to students, fellow employees, and other constituents
  • Helps establish more efficient processes for students and the University
  • Job performance is above and beyond expectations
  • Demonstrates the mission of the University

The Education for Service Award includes $500 in professional development funds, a crystal award, and a framed certificate.

Past Education for Service Award Recipients

1998Joyce Sandine
Office Manager for Financial Assistance
1999Neil Ball
Campus Security Officer
2000Nate Bussman
Director of Housing
2001Sylvia Reed
2002Suzette Radke
2003Nancy Julich
Administrative Assistant
2004Jone Meredith
Information Desk Manager
2005Barb Anderson
Donor Relations Coordinator
2006Nichol Kleespies
Director of Community Services
2007Rudy Fleege
Associate Director of Facilities Management
2008Leon Williams
Director of Intercultural Programs
2009Jean Liske
Administrative Assistant- Registrar
2010Patsy Donovan
Regional Director
2011Joan Hakes
Assistant Director of Field Experience
2012Mark Kirkholm
Director of Campus Security
2013Deb Willer
Office Manager- Admissions
2014Deb Sefcik
2015Peggy Bates
Enrollment Manager- Iowa Lakes
2016Cindy McDonough
Administrative Assistant- Harold Walter Siebens School of Business
2017Jennifer Felton
Director of University Marketing & Communications
2018Scott Wunschel
Director of Infrastructure and Operations
2019Ashley Farmer-Hanson
Assistant Vice President of Student Success/Director of Community Engagement
2020Jessica Garling
Director of Security
2021Keith Schmidt
Director of Facilities Management
2022Lorie Stanton
Director of Health Services & Wellness