Student Support

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While the 2FIX staff cannot perform warranty work on a student’s personal laptop, they can and will assist with resolving software related issues and perform best efforts to identify other issues. The 2FIX staff can also provide guidance for student laptops that need repair by the manufacturers.

BVU has purchased licenses for Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office Suite for Storm Lake students to download onto their personal computers for free. Microsoft Office comes installed on institutionally-owned laptops. Storm Lake campus students may download a free copy for their devices through Office 365

How long can you keep this software

When students graduate, they may keep using the Microsoft Office 365 suite for up to one year after their graduation. If they exit or leave for any other reason, then they are no longer licensed and responsible for uninstalling the software.

Adobe Creative Suite

The University is licensed to install Adobe Creative Suite only on institutionally-owned computers.

See Adobe’s Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition for licensing scenarios and arrangements.



Under the University’s SPSS Campus Value Option with IBM SPSS Statistics, software can be installed only on institutionally-owned computers.

Visit the 2FIX Help Desk to install IBM SPSS.

All programs marked with an asterisk (*) are licensed through their respective companies.


Operating System

Student's Choice

Microsoft Office* (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook)

Free download at Office 365 for any full time Storm Lake campus student; MS Office will not expire after graduation

SPSS* (statistics)

BVU provided annually (Free to any students). Visit 2FIX Help Desk to get this installed.

Adobe Creative Suite*, Version 7 (CS 6 licensing is still under investigation)

Student purchase: $19.99 per month w/annual commitment.

PaperCut (printing)

BVU provided annually (Free to any students). Will not function after graduation.

BVU Alert

BVU provided annually (Free to any students). Will continue to function after graduation if desired.

Syncback (automatic backup to the BVU network)

Not loaded. Encourage students to use Dropbox and to provide own backup of files

ForeFront (Antivirus from MS)

Recommend Security Essentials from Microsoft (Free)

MalWare Bytes (anti-malware)

Recommend free version of MalWareBytes