Badge Printing

What is Badge Printing?

Badge printing will allow you to send a print job to a special printer that you install on your computer and then walk up to any badge-enabled device on campus, scan your BVU ID card, and release your print(s).

Why would I want to use badge printing?

By adding two printers to your device, you will have access to all (20+) student-accessible printers across campus.

How do I install and use the badge printers?

Download these instructions to learn how to use BVU's badge printers.

What happens if I don’t have my BVU ID with me when I print?

You can still use the badge printers even if you don’t have your BVU ID. To access your prints, press the "Sign In" button on the device screen and enter your BVU username and password.

What printers will be badge-capable?

Academic Spaces:

  • 2FIX Helpdesk
  • Center for Academic Excellence
  • Dixon Eilers Second Floor (DE 207 Suite)
  • Edson Hall (Next to Choir Room)
  • Fieldhouse (Main Foyer Desk)
  • Forum (Mack Lounge)
  • Lage Lab (Multimedia Lab)
  • Library Main Level
  • Library Second Floor
  • Library Third Floor
  • School of Business
  • Science First Floor (Science 130)
  • Science Second Floor (Science 211)
  • Smith Hall (3rd Floor South)
  • Social Science and Arts (First Floor Main Area)
  • Social Science and Arts (Second Floor Hallway)

Residence Halls:

  • Briscoe Hall (Briscoe kitchen/common space)*
  • Grand Hall (First floor study lounge)
  • Liberty Hall (First floor study lounge)
  • Pierce Hall (Second floor lounge)
  • White Hall (Second floor lounge)

*The Constitution and McCorkle printers will be consolidated to Briscoe Hall printer.

Do I have to badge print?

Badge printing to @BVU_Print and @BVU_Print_Color are the recommended way to print. However, you will still be able to print directly to a printer by using the same steps as installing the badge printers above. You would just need to select the printer(s) you would like to print to.

Web printing will be discontinued in the summer of 2019.

Why are there two different printer names?

@BVU_Print will only print in monochrome. @BVU_Print_Color will print in full color by default. We recommend that you select @BVU_Print when color is not required to reduce the cost of your print job. Both printers will print on both sides of the paper by default.

What features will the badge printers have?

All the badge printers will be able to print in color. They will also be able to copy documents, scan documents to email, and scan documents to OneDrive.

The devices at the 2FIX Help Desk, Library Main Floor, and Edson will be able to print on larger 11x17 paper.

How much does it cost to print?

  • Monochrome (black and white only) Prints and Copies (8.5x11 and 8.5x14): 4.5 cents per page*
  • Monochrome Prints and Copies (11x17): 9 cents per page*
  • Color Prints and Copies (8.5x11 and 8.5x14): 15 cents per page*
  • Color Prints and Copies (11x17): 30 cents per page*

* There is a 1 cent per page discount for duplex printing (printing on both sides of the paper.) For example, printing two single-sided pages will cost 9 cents, but printing those two pages on both sides of the same sheet of paper will cost 8 cents.

Isn’t this cost higher than it was before?

The cost per page is higher for monochrome printing and slightly lower for color printing. Student’s print balances that are applied every academic year have been adjusted to reflect this. You will be able to print the same amount of monochrome prints (300 per year) as before. If you chose to duplex your documents (print on both sides of the paper) or print in color, you will be able to print even more pages than in the past.

Your current balance has also been adjusted, so you will still be able to print the same amount (or more) than you were able to under the previous pricing model.