Phishing attacks are attempts to gain personal information from targets using e-mail messages disguised as typical correspondence (like friendly messages, alerts to update passwords, and warnings about locked accounts.) Targeted information can include user account and password combinations or credit card information.

It is important that every member of Buena Vista University—faculty, staff, and students—do their best to protect themselves and their community against this sort of attack.

Please remember that the ITS department will not send out emails to validate accounts, verify usernames and passwords, or any related activities that could put your credentials at risk. We will also not include a link to external websites. Any valid email from BVU or 2FIX will be signed by the ITS department with the signature of at least one ITS staff member attached to the email.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I detect phishing attempts?
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What should I do if I have been compromised?
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