Iowa Grants

These gift sources are available to Iowa residents. In some cases, your state of Iowa residency may require validation. To renew any of the gift sources listed, you must normally apply by the state’s deadline and meet other eligibility requirements.

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Iowa Tuition Grant

Iowa Tuition Grants are available, based on financial need, for full-time undergraduate study and for less than full-time enrollment. The grant may be renewable for a total of eight full-time semesters of study.

Iowa National Guard Educational Grant

Iowa National Guard Educational Grants are available to Iowa residents who are members of an Iowa Army or Air National Guard unit while enrolled in higher education. The individual award amount will not exceed the average tuition rate for full-time students at Iowa Regents Universities.

Other Programs

Other gift aid programs, such has the Iowa Education & Training Voucher Grant and the All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship, are available from the State of Iowa in limited amounts. These funds currently help Iowa students who have been in foster care, TRIO programs, alternative high schools or are homeless.

These gift sources are available to Iowa residents. If any of these resources are listed on your Financial Aid Award, they should not be viewed as official awards until your eligibility has been approved by the Iowa College Aid Commission. If available state funds are insufficient to pay the full amount of each approved grant, the Iowa College Aid Commission has the authority to administratively reduce the maximum award to an amount less than the statutory maximum.

Students from states other than Iowa should check with the proper agency in their state to receive information on availability of state-sponsored scholarships or grants.

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