Veteran's Benefits

When we are notified that a student is likely to receive Veteran’s Benefits, we will send the student the Veteran’s Benefits Confirmation form to collect the necessary information to calculate a financial aid award.  The exception will be students receiving ROTC benefits; the form is not required for these students.

We will allow institutional merit awards offered through the acceptance process, to be used to cover any direct costs not covered by veteran’s benefits or aid other than the merit awards, regardless of the source of those funds.  All other aid will be eliminated.  Both VA tuition based awards and stipends provided for housing will be used in determining the amount of remaining direct costs. 

If books will be paid through the VA, this allowance will be removed from the student’s cost of attendance. 

If a student will receive more VA benefits in one semester than the other, we will allow an uneven distribution of BVU merit awards.  However, at no time will BVU merit awards be used to create a refund to the student.

We will follow federal regulations in determining which VA funds count towards meeting financial need when determining eligibility for federal loans.