Consortium Agreement

If you need to take classes at another institution and plan to transfer the credit back to Buena Vista University as part of your degree program, you may be able to receive financial aid under a Consortium Agreement between BVU and the other institution. Please read the following information carefully to find out more about applying for aid under a Consortium Agreement.  The normal usage of a consortium agreement will be in semester-long travel experiences.  Please first check with the Director of International Travel at BVU to determine if a separate consortium agreement is needed before proceeding.

  1. The Consortium Agreement Form must be completed and submitted to the Office of Financial Assistance by the end of the semester preceding the experience.  We reserve the right to refuse a request.
  2. You must be degree seeking at BVU during the consortium term, and coursework taken under a Consortium Agreement MUST be accepted as part of your degree program. You must have your advisor or other collegiate representative sign the form to verify that the courses you plan to take while under consortium will be accepted as part of your degree program. Section II of the Consortium Agreement Form is designated for your advisor's or other collegiate representative’s verification and signature. Remember, this must be completed in order for the Consortium Agreement to be processed.
  3. You cannot receive aid from more than one institution during the consortium term.
  4. If you fail to meet the requirements of the agreement, or have failed to meet the requirements of previously processed agreements, financial aid eligibility could be retroactively impacted.
  5. BVU will disburse all aid according to the BVU disbursement schedule only. Therefore, you should make arrangements to pay the host institution by its fee payment deadline.
  6. The Consortium Agreement Form is only valid for the dates of the agreement indicated by the participating institutions.
  7. Students eligible for Employee Tuition Grant, CIC Exchange Grant or NTE Grant are not eligible to use those funds for a travel experience.

If you have questions regarding your agreement, contact the Office of Financial Assistance at 712.749.2164.