Chapter 6

Human Services


To support the feeding, clothing, and housing needs of disaster victims and/or special needs groups in time of local emergency.

Assumptions and Planning Factors

All Faculty and Staff employed by the University may be called for assistance in an emergency.

Organization / Responsibilities

  1. The Dean of Students will serve as the Human Services Coordinator (HSC) and is a member of the Auxiliary EOT. The Coordinator will advise staff on matters pertaining to Human Services, ensure that activities are administered in an orderly, efficient manner, develop procedures for determining needs of disaster victims, and process inquiries concerning disaster victims.
  2. Sodexho will arrange for food to be available and distributed to students in an emergency. They will need to be given a location to set up a distribution center if the Forum is unavailable.
  3. Housing -- The Director of Residence Life and the Director of Housing will be responsible to make arrangements for temporary replacement campus housing for students, faculty and staff if necessary. Arrangements should be made in advance with local schools, hotels, and other appropriate locations.
  4. Clean-up and Counseling:
    1. Clean-up and recovery
    2. Crisis counseling for disaster victims
  5. Temporary Shelter -- In case temporary shelter is needed and cannot be found on campus, arrangements should be made with local schools, churches, and other facilities.

Concept of Operations

  1. General
    1. To provide for an effective response to a disaster situation, the HSC will coordinate the efforts of various agencies to meet individual human needs.
    2. Detail tasks are contained in the Emergency Response Checklist.
  2. Counseling
    1. Disaster victims and emergency workers may be provided emergency counseling services. This counseling may occur at several locations and will be coordinated with the Dean of Students, the Campus Counselor, the Chaplain and other agencies as necessary.
  3. Supporting Shelter Management
    1. The Department of Student Affairs staff will assist shelter management by providing services for the sheltered population where possible during the in shelter phase.

Human Services Emergency Response Checklist

Preparedness Phase

Human Services Coordinator

  • Alert support staff
  • Establish liaison with related agencies
  • Provide roster of all staff to Emergency Operating Center (EOC)
  • Review plans to recruit volunteers
  • Review plans and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Coordinate public information with Public Information Officer (PIO)
  • Review current resources inventory
  • Review readiness of designated facilities and equipment
  • Coordinate crisis counseling procedures with Mental Health Coordinator
  • Identify needs of special needs groups (handicapped, elderly, etc.)

Response Phase

Human Services Coordinator

  • Alert support staff
  • Initiate procedures to operate and maintain Registration Centers
  • Obtain authorization and request assistance from Red Cross
  • Coordinate the staffing of shelters/Congregate Lodging Facilities
  • Implement emergency public assistance
  • Request assistance from church groups and/or ministerial association
  • Advise EOC staff on Human Service Problems and status
  • Implement procedures for crisis counseling to victims in coordination with Mental Health Officer
  • Coordinate communications support with PIO
  • Implement procedures to recruit volunteers

Recovery Phase

Human Services Coordinator

  • Advise support staff and related agencies
  • Continue crisis counseling in coordination with Mental Health Officer
  • Continue status reports to EOC
  • Coordinate the distribution of donated goods and clothing
  • Keep and maintain record of expenses