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Adding an endorsement to a degree in education empowers students to take their education and career even further by choosing an additional specialized subject area and/or grade level they are qualified to teach.

Additional Endorsements

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Additional teaching endorsements are especially valuable to BVU graduates as they gain further in-depth knowledge in an area of their choice, increasing their marketability and success in the classroom.

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No matter what discipline you are passionate about, BVU ensures students have the tools principals require.

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BVU produces students that hold leadership positions within schools and other organizations. Our alumni have risen to positions such as guidance counselors, academic coaches, principals, superintendents, and more.

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An elementary education major at BVU embeds a reading endorsement giving graduating students an advantage in the job market and the classroom.

A Dream for ESL and More

Storm Lake Schools

Want to teach students whose home language isn’t English? See how it’s done in Storm Lake Elementary School where 14 different first languages are spoken. Want to work with children on all levels of the Autism spectrum? Spend time in a local special education classroom and apply BVU classroom knowledge yourself. Think you may want to coach a sport one day that you also cared about in high school? Coach a local tournament team or volunteer at middle school student practices. An endorsement will take your career and passion for teaching to the next level.

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Education Faculty

Our instructors are committed to helping you build the future in Iowa and beyond.

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Transfer Your Credits

Do you have previously earned credits or an associate degree? BVU accepts most—if not all—of your credits so you don’t have to retake courses.

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Endorsement Courses

  • Early Childhood Special Education Endorsement (27 credit Hours)
  • Coaching Authorization/Endorsement (12 credit hours)
  • English as a Second Language Endorsement K-12 (24 credit hours)
  • Reading Endorsement K-8 (24 credit hours)
  • Reading Endorsement 5-12 (24 credit hours)
  • Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Endorsement (24-27 credit hours)
  • Middle School Endorsement
  • Instructional Strategist I with Teaching Licensure K-8 (38 credit hours)
  • Instructional Strategist I Endorsement with Teaching Licensure 5-12 (38 credit hours)
  • Instructional Strategist II: Significant Support Needs Endorsement K-12 Cognitive (38 credit hours)
  • Instructional Strategist II: Significant Support Needs Endorsement K-12 Learning/Behavioral (44 credit hours)
  • Basic Science Endorsement K-8 or 5-12 (30-33 credit hours)
  • Basic Social Science Endorsement 5-12
  • All Social Science Endorsement 5-12

Earn a Master’s Degree Faster with Our Accelerated Program

With BVU's Plus One program, you can earn your  teaching English as a second language or organizational leadership master's within one year of graduating with your bachelor’s degree. 

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