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Join us for live workshops and earn credits for continuing education and license renewal. Buena Vista University is pleased to offer continuing education webinars on a variety of education and professional topics.

Master of Science in Education - Professional School Counseling

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Understanding Diversity & Inclusion - Exploring Four Dharma Traditions & Cultures of India

June 21-24, 2021
This four-day workshop will familiarize participants with the core teachings, practices, and traditions of four Dharma (religious) traditions indigenous to India: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Along with learning about these religions of India, participants will focus on the best pedagogical strategies to enable them to utilize this content in various K-12 settings. This workshop will include: instruction, discussion, collaborative work time, and site visits to places of worship, where possible, for each of the four religions.

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Meet the Instructor

Dr. Leslie Haas

Dr. Haas' education and experience spans more than 20 years and includes teaching at the K-12, undergraduate, and graduate levels. Additional experiences include instructional coaching, professional development, curriculum design, and department administration. Opportunities in highly diverse settings have acted as both a catalyst and foundation for her focus on integrating and connecting literacy across disciplines through culturally and linguistically responsive instructional practices.

Leslie Haas

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