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iPad ebook

We at the TLTC are proud to present the second edition of The Human's Guide to the iPad. Our goal was to use a fun tone to trick the reader into learning about the Apple iPad. We like to pat ourselves on the back and think that we succeeded.

As you are surely well aware, there is a lot of great stuff to know about the iPad (and iPad2, of course) and we'd be more than happy to be the ones to help you learn about it!

Click/tab the image below to begin downloading The Human's Guide to the iPad. Being an ePUB file, and since we're targeting use of the iPad, we suggest using iBooks on the iPad to view the eBook.

If you don't have an iPad but still want to check out the eBook, download the 


As always, we'd love to hear any feedback you have. If you have further questions about using your iPad, or making an eBook yourself, feel free to contact the TLTC.  In the meantime, enjoy your guide, human!