Gear and Equipment

BVU maintains portable concert equipment for events that require more gear than our performance spaces provide, or for events that take place outside our normal performance venues.

Audio Equipment

Front of House

Our digital FOH mixer is a Yamaha LS9-32 with a Presonus pre-amp for a total of 40 inputs and 16 mixes plus the stereo buss. If your preference is analog, we have a Yamaha GA3210 and an analog toy rack with SPX990s, a TC D2, and dbx comps and gates.


Stage monitors are passive Yamaha 12s and 15s. We can provide up to 4 mixes from FOH or an onstage monitor mix position can be outfitted with either of our two mixers and enough amps for up to 10 mixes.


BVU has a variety of mics available from Shure, Audix, and Audio-Technica. We also have a wireless rack with 4 channels of Sennhieser G3. Each channel can be outfitted with a handheld or lapel mic, and two of them can be set up with Audio-Technica head worn mics.

Lighting Equipment

Lighting Fixtures

Our lighting gear primarily consists of ETC PARNels, 19-, 26-, and 36-degree Source Four instruments in Schaller Chapel, along with some LED and strobe units for effect needs. Anderson Auditorium is equipped with Strand fresnels and ellipsoidal instruments.

Lighting Consoles

Our venues each contain an ETC Element lighting console.

Other Technical Equipment Available By Request

  • 10 x 14 rear projection screen
  • 10,000 lumen Christie LX-1000 Projector
  • Rosco Dance Floor (Marley)
  • Black Sharkstooth Scrim
  • 7 sections of 4 step choir risers
  • Steinway Grand Piano