Application Process: Value-Added Funds

Value Added Funding is available for credit-bearing-travel, internships and research.

  1. Travel courses during interim or May/June
  2. Credit-bearing internships and field instruction
  3. Faculty sponsored research projects
  4. Faculty Sponsored Study abroad
  5. Components of a class (i.e. spring break choir trip)

Funding for Academic conferences will be considered if:

  1. Attending/Presenting at a conference is required for major or program
  2. Educational  experience is not available on campus
  3. Experience is required for graduate school applications
  4. Participation brings honor and prestige to BVU

 Complete the application for funding form as a cover page.

  1. Attach a 500-word narrative describing how you intend to use the requested funds.
  2. Attach a detailed budget.
  3. Submit these three documents together and turn in to the Dean of Faculty office (DE 107)

Assistant Controller and Director of Dean’s Fellows Program will provide information on all previous awards, financial need and expected family contribution.

Applications will be reviewed by the VAF committee and recommendations for awards will be sent to the VPAA for a final decision four times per semester.

  1. Applications are due on or before  the following dates:
  2. Fall Semester (September 15, October 15, November 15, December 15)
  3. Spring Semester (February 15, March 15, April 15, May 15)
  4. Applications received after each deadline will be held until the following awards cycle date.

The office of the VPAA/Dean of Faculty (or responsible awarding official) will notify students of application results. Recipients are required to acknowledge receipt of awards and accept responsibility before funds will be released.

  1. Students are required to file the Student Awards Responsibility Waiver Form
  2. Students who misuse or misrepresent the use of funds will be ineligible for future Value-Added Funds Awards.

Final reports need to be completed and returned to the dean of Faculty office for review by no later than 4 weeks after the student has completed their experience. Responsibilities at the conclusion of the awarded experience should include:

  1. A financial accounting based on the submitted budget
  2. A narrative of their experience
  3. Selected photographs

Recipients may be asked to acknowledge donor generosity and participate in University presentation and or University news releases.

Recipients will be recognized at the Student Recognition Dinner in April.

 The following applications will not receive funding:

  1. Tuition charges
  2. Retroactive funding requests
  3. Applications with errors in budget projections will be sent back for revision.
  4. Alternate sources of funding should be exhausted prior to requesting Value Added Funding (i.e. Stine, dean’s fellows, Clifford Rae)

Download the Application for Funding