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Archery & Clay Target Sports

Compete against other colleges and universities across Iowa and the Midwest as a member of our archery or clay target sports team. Our clubs combine marksmanship, firearm safety, and competition. We welcome participants from all skill levels to join our teams. 

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Develop fundamental skills and fine tune your marksmanship. You'll compete on individual and team levels in USA Collegiate Archery events and other regional competitions. We welcome Compound, Recurve, Long Bow, and Genesis Bow competitors to our team. 

Clay Target Sports

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Take your accuracy and skill to the next level as a member of our Clay Target Sports team. Compete in National Collegiate Shooting Sports Athletic Association (NCSSAA) and Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) events. 

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Scholarships Available!

BVU offers competitive scholarships for our archery and clay target sports teams. 

Meet Your Coaches

Conner Ellinghuysen
Conner Ellinghuysen
Archery Coach
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Luke Zalaznik
Clay Target Sports Coach
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