Emergency Tips

Emergency Contact

Campus Security can be reached at ext. 2500 or 712.749.2500.

Suspicious Behavior

Immediately report emergencies or suspicious behavior by calling Campus Security at ext. 2500 or 712.749.2500.

Medical Emergency

  • CALL 911 and notify Campus Security at 2500.
  • Provide name, location, and type of emergency on phone.
  • Avoid leaving injured person(s) except to summon help.
  • Move victim only if danger is imminent.
  • Render first aid or CPR if you are trained and feel comfortable doing so.
  • Have someone meet first responders outside building on the street.

Severe Weather/Tornado

  • Monitor local weather.
  • SEEK SHELTER on the lowest level of the building, in hardened structure away from windows.
  • Stay away from large objects that may fall.
  • Move to interior hallways.
  • Get low and cover back of head.
  • Stay in shelter until warning expires.

Chemical/Hazardous Spill

  • Evacuate contaminated area.
  • Remain calm and use your clothing or other clean, dry material to shield your eyes, nose, and mouth if possible.
  • Move to a safe distance of at least 100 yards.
  • CALL 911 and notify Campus Security at 2500.
  • Advise others to stay clear of contaminated area.
  • Wait for an all-clear indication from emergency personnel.

Bomb Threat/Suspicious Object

  • If the threat is immediate, evacuate to the nearest exit.
  • Do not disturb, touch, or use electrical devices near object.
  • Move at least 100 yards from object.
  • CALL 911 and notify Campus Security at 2500.

Power Outage

  • Remain calm and offer assistance to others.
  • Move cautiously to a lighted area. Exits may be indicated by lighted signs.
  • Turn off and unplug computers and other voltage sensitive equipment.
  • Call Campus Security at 2500.


  • Evacuate immediately and, if able, activate nearest fire alarm.
  • Use stairs, do not use elevators.
  • Alert other people as you evacuate.
  • CALL 911 then Campus Security at 2500.
  • If the fire is small and you feel comfortable, you may attempt to use a fire extinguisher. If fire does not extinguish, EVACUATE THE BUILDING IMMEDIATELY.
  • Do not re-enter building(s) until directed by emergency personnel.

Active Shooter

  • RUN. Leave the area or building quickly and quietly, if safe to do so.
  • HIDE. If you can’t leave, go to an area that can be locked or secured.
  • Stay low, hidden and spread out.
  • FIGHT. Fight back as a last resort.
  • WHEN SAFE TO DO SO, CALL 911 and notify Campus Security at 2500.
  • If you encounter police, show your hands, follow their commands and don’t make a sudden movement.
  • Learn more: How to Respond to an Active Attacker Situation