Residential Suites

Constitution Hall

In Constitution Hall, students live in three-bedroom suites. Each bedroom in the suite houses two students and has an attached private bathroom. Suites are furnished with two beds, two desks, and two chairs; the common area includes furniture, a refrigerator, and microwave.

Constitution Hall

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Room Layout

  • Each bedroom typical size is 16 feet by 16 feet.
  • Each suite living area is furnished with 1 couch, 1 end table, 1 table lamp, 1 table and four chairs.
  • Each bedroom is furnished with 2 beds, 2 desks with chairs, and bathroom with shower.
  • All furniture in the room is movable.
  • All university-provided furniture must remain in the room.
  • Room floors are carpeted.
The floor plan of a BVU suite

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