Siebens Forum Renovation

The $15.1 million renovation of the Harold Walter Siebens School of Business/Siebens Forum was driven by student priorities and was fully funded by generous donors.


The renovated Harold Walter Siebens School of Business/Siebens Forum officially opened in January 2019. Additions and improvements include an up-to-date dining experience, contemporary and modular seating, and a brighter appearance with enhanced natural lighting, and breathtaking views of campus outside and the lake.


Incredible Changes and Improvements

  • Students now enjoy top-notch facilities, including lounges and accessible study and meeting spaces.
  • More contemporary group seating options, flooring, and colors create a venue that complements a lakeside Petersen Field view.
  • The Game Room is home to shuffleboard, Pac-Man, gaming systems, and students meeting in small groups.
  • The bookstore, mailroom, restrooms, and classrooms have been renovated and include the new Robert L. Peterson Commodity Trading Room.
  • An area solely dedicated to group meetings and conferencing space, and Student Success spaces, have recently come to life before our eyes.
  • The east entrance now features an elevator, providing ease of entry for BVU guests, visitors, and commuter students entering the Forum from the east parking lot.

Video: Siebens Forum Renovation

The renovation of the Harold Walter Siebens School of Business/Siebens Forum took place over the summer and fall of 2018 and has resulted in new spaces for BVU students to study, eat, relax, and play. See video of the construction and new spaces on campus.


Siebens Forum: Before and After

Just how much has the Siebens Forum changed during the renovation? See the changes for yourself, as we compare vintage photos of student spaces with their new look!