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Honors and Dean's Fellows

The Honors Institute and Dean's Fellows are offered to students who want to broaden and challenge their academic skills. These elite honors stand among the highest scholarship recognition available at BVU. Each offers educational and financial benefits to deserving recipients.

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Honors Institute

When you become part of the Honors Institute at Buena Vista University, you go places. Places like Custer State Park in South Dakota; the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota; and The Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D.C.

Honors students also take part in smaller classes, covering a wide range of subjects drawn from each of the University’s four schools. They often present a research project on a topic of their choosing, with funding provided by BVU.

About the Honors Institute

Dean’s Fellows

The Dean’s Fellows Program is an opportunity for students who meet specific academic criteria to enjoy additional academic and social benefits while attending BVU. As a Dean’s Fellow, you will have access to travel opportunities, financial benefits, and mentorship from a faculty mentor who will help you enhance your leadership abilities.

Take your academic experience to the next level with this unique series of intellectual, social, and cultural programs. Simply being recognized as a Dean’s Fellow carries high prestige that goes beyond BVU.

About the Dean's Fellows Program

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