Severe Weather Policy

A Tornado Watch indicates that there is potential for severe weather to include tornadoes. Spring and summer can be the time for severe weather, and persons are advised of the following in case that should occur. A Tornado Warning indicates that a tornado has been sighted and people are to take cover. This warning will be given by radio/television and civil defense siren (a three to five minute steady tone). In addition, you will receive an alert via emergency text messaging and/or BVU ALERT on your computer. (Resident advisors must notify the residents).

In the event of a warning, please go to the closest protected area. Tornado safety procedures: Seek inside shelter immediately. Stay away from glass doors and windows. In Pierce/White and Swope Halls, the basement and first floor hallways are safer places. The Harold Walter Siebens Forum is also a safer place. In the Briscoe Honor Hall, Constitution Hall and McCorkle Hall, the first floor hallways or bathrooms are the safest place. People should lie flat and protect their head and eyes. Better protection can be gained by closing doors.

When going to designated shelter, observe the following suggestions: Take a flashlight and a battery-powered radio in case the electricity is cut off; be prepared to stay in the protected area 30-45 minutes; do not use the elevator; use the stairway closest to the designated area for the building; east windows in the building should be open to help reduce air pressure; and stay away from all windows and do not use the telephone.