Roommate Changes

Living in a community affords students the opportunity to learn to communicate, respect and share with others from different backgrounds. It is understood that from time to time, roommates may experience differences of opinion or have difficulty managing their living spaces and schedules. The Residence Life staff is trained and available to facilitate communication and problem solving when these situations occur. Students are encouraged to seek the guidance and assistance of the RA (Resident Advisor) for their floor before requesting a room or roommate change.

  1. 1. No changes will be considered until the completion of the first two (2) weeks of the fall semester or during the last three (3) weeks of the spring semester.
  2. Requests will be considered only after all possible avenues to resolve the issues have been explored, such as facilitated meetings with the RA, the Residence Hall Director or the Director of Residence Life.
  3. Requests for roommate changes must be made by the student. Requests made by parents, faculty or other persons on behalf of the student will not be considered.