Posting Policy

In academic buildings and student dining areas

  • All posters must be stamped by the Office for Student Success
  • All posters must include the following information:
    • Name of sponsoring organization
    • Date
    • Time
    • Location
  • All posters must be less than 4 feet in size.
  • Signs cannot be posted on walls except for the Fireside Lounge, Spirit Lounge and Game Room
  • Signs can be posted on the Mobile Kiosk in the Siebens Forum
  • For posting in academic buildings, post only on general bulletin boards and not on faculty, office or department bulletin boards unless given permission by the department.
  • Always check with the office manager in the building for proper postings areas to prevent removal.

Bulletin Board Postings

Boards are present in all residence halls and in designated walls are in the Forum. Please post only one advertisement per board to avoid removal of all extras.

Campus Dining Table Tents

Table tents must be stamped by Student Success and may not exceed 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Members of the sponsoring organization are responsible for displaying the table tents; they should be placed on tables in a reasonable manner. No more than one table tent per table; all extras will be removed.

Employment Postings

These will be stamped by the Office of Career and Personal Development and posted on the employment board outside of their office

Posting Policy in Siebens Fieldhouse

The only bulletin boards that are available for posting general announcements, posters, notices, etc. (aside from postings by athletic administration) are the two bulletin boards located above the water fountains in the fieldhouse lobby. All other areas are prohibited from posting general announcements, posters and other notices and are subject to removal.

In other areas around campus

  • Solicitation, research, political or religious canvassing on campus must receive prior approval from the vice president for student success/dean of students or his/her designee.
  • Posting flyers or other advertising materials on the windshields of vehicles in college parking lots is not permitted.
    • If violated the supporting organization will be responsible for the removal of all advertisements of the vehicles.
  • All materials to be posted in Residence Halls must be stamped by Student Success and placed in the Resident Assistant (RA) mailboxes in the Residence Life Office. Larger posters should be given to the buildings' Area Coordinator for them to post where appropriate.

Taping Procedures

  • Tape should be placed in the back of the flyer and should not be seen when looking at the posters.
    • Masking tape ONLY! Absolutely no Duct Tape is allowed.

Removal Procedures

  • The sponsoring organization is responsible for removing all flyers and posters the day after the event takes place. Failure to remove posters may result in limits to future postings.

The Office of Student Success reserves the right to remove postings after one month to free up space for newer materials and/or refresh the look of bulletin boards.

All posted material must be consistent with the mission of the University and not be in violation of University policy or civil law.