Outdoor Grilling Policy

Buena Vista University has two (2) permanently installed outdoor grills that are available to the campus community on a first come basis.  One grill is located next to the Intramurals, Recreation and Outdoor Adventure House at 27 Peterson Drive.  The second grill is located north of Briscoe and McCorkle halls.  Additionally, the Recreation and Outdoor Adventure Department has two (2) portable charcoal grills that are available to be checked out free of charge from the Outdoor Recreation Den.  The rules for the usage of outdoor grills on university property are as follows:

  • Personal grills are not allowed on university property at any time.
  • Only charcoal briquettes used for outdoor grilling may be used. Charcoal briquettes shall be provided by the user.
  • All grills shall be used in a generally accepted safe manner.
  • The portable grills must be kept at least 20 feet away from any building.
  • Only charcoal lighter fluids designed for charcoal briquettes may be used.
  • People using the grills must ensure the grills are supervised when in use.
  • Embers and ash from the grills must be disposed of in an approved container located near the permanent grills.
  • All users shall leave the grills in a generally clean condition. Cleaning fees may be imposed on anyone leaving or returning grills in a soiled condition.
  • People using the grills shall maintain a container of water nearby.
  • In the spirit of cooperation with the campus community, exemptions to this policy are possible with the written approval of the Director of Campus Security for official university sanctioned events.