Withdrawal and Institutional Charges Policy (Online and Graduate)

This policy will assist students who feel the need to completely withdraw from the university after a semester has begun but before its conclusion.  A student is considered to be withdrawn from a credit hour program if the student does not complete all of the days in the payment period that the student was scheduled to complete; the days in the payment period would include all of the days in both terms in a semester if the student is registered for both at the time of withdrawal.

In addition to withdrawing from a course(s), a student also has the opportunity to drop a course.  It is possible to drop a course in which there has been no attendance.  It is possible for a student to drop a course(s) or for BVU staff to drop a student through validation.  There will be no charges for a dropped course.  However, if a student drops all hours in a term after having completed a prior term (all in the same semester), all days in the semester will be used in the Return of Title IV Funds calculation.  If a student drops all hours in a subsequent term in a semester during the current term, this is not considered a withdrawal, unless the student later fails all courses.  If, on the same day, a student withdraws from all courses in the first term of a semester and drops all courses in a subsequent term in the same semester, all of the days in the semester will be used in the Return to Title IV Funds calculation.

If a student who is registered for both terms in a semester withdraws from the first term, we will request documentation of the student's intent to return for the second term.  If the student fails to indicate their intent or indicates they will not return for the second term in that semester, the student will be considered to have withdrawn from the semester as of the withdrawal date.  If the student indicates that they will return for the second term, the student will not be considered to have withdrawn.  A return of federal funds calculation will only be required if the student later does not return as indicated.

For a student who officially withdraws, the withdrawal date will be the earlier of the following (unless a later date can be documented):

-The date the student begins the official process mentioned below or

-The date the student officially notifies the institution of intent to withdraw

If a student triggers both definitions above of official withdrawal on different dates, we will use the earlier date, unless we can document academically related activity later.  Academically related activity is defined as one that has been confirmed by an employee of BVU, such as taking an exam, actively logging into the coursework, turning in a class assignment, attending a study group or class, etc.

Official notification can come in written form or completed through BeaverNet and should be made with the BVU Online or Graduate Programs office.  This process must also be followed for withdrawal from online courses.

If a student begins but does not complete coursework for a term/semester, but does not officially withdraw as described above, they will be considered to have unofficially withdrawn.  The withdrawal date for a federal aid recipient who unofficially withdraws will be the midpoint of the payment period or the last day of academically related activity, whichever is later; this date will be used in determining how much federal aid must be returned.  No refund of aid will be required for a withdrawal that occurs after sixty percent of the payment period (which could be based on one term or two, depending on enrollment at the time of withdrawal).

If a student unofficially withdraws, the student will be fully charged for tuition, regardless of the aid that is returned.  If a student left without notification, because of circumstances beyond the student's control, the BVU staff might determine a withdrawal date related to those circumstances.

The withdrawal date for a student who withdraws (officially or unofficially) from both terms in a semester, will be calculated using the actual days of attendance in each term.  The withdrawal date communicated to the NSLDS will be the date used in the calculation (or a date that equates).  This date will be used to determine loan repayment start date when appropriate.

A student can rescind a withdrawal by providing a written request to your EUP advisor.  If disciplinary action results in the loss of any college or college-contracted service for the student, there will be no refund of charges.  Federal aid may be returned based on the Return of Title IV Funds Policy.

The Office of Financial Assistance can be contacted with questions concerning the withdrawal process or the refund calculation.  

Students who withdraw completely will have their tuition reduced on a percentage basis based on the schedule below. Correspondingly, a student’s institutional and state aid will be returned based on their official date of withdrawal and the same percentage. The Business Office will notify the student of their final billing information after all of the appropriate adjustments have been made. Any additional fees a student accrues will not be adjusted and the student will be fully charged.

The following schedules will determine the calculation for students’ tuition for the particular courses the withdrawal applies to. Refunds are based on the official start date of the term and not the first day of class.

Online (Undergraduate & Graduate courses) EUP T1 – T6 courses:
Prior to the end of the 4th calendar day of the term: 95% return of charges & institutional and state aid
Prior to the end of the 10th calendar day of the term: 75% return of charges & institutional and state aid
Prior to the end of the 15th calendar day of the term: 50% return of charges & institutional and state aid
Prior to the end of the 18th calendar day of the term: 25% return of charges & institutional and state aid