Firearms, Other Weapons, and Explosives

No person shall be permitted to carry or possess a firearm, weapon, or other hazardous materials on the Buena Vista University Storm Lake campus, or on property used by the University or at functions sponsored or sanctioned by the university without the express permission of the Vice President of Student Success/or Director of Campus Security. Items covered by this policy include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. guns and firearms of all types
  2. stun guns
  3. airsoft and paintball guns
  4. machetes, swords, stilettos
  5. knives (except pocket knives with blades less than 4 inches or knives used for cooking and dining purposes)
  6. billy clubs and metallic knuckles
  7. martial arts weapons (exception: as designated for an academic course)
  8. bows & arrows and slingshots (exception: as designated for an academic course)
  9. chemical weapons, fireworks and incendiary devices or explosives of any type
  10. any other instrument Student Affairs determines to be a dangerous weapon